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Guide for silver trench

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by firerula, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. firerula

    firerula Fire Tamer

    Silver Trench Stradegy Guide

    hi i beat silver trench and its really hard heres a guide to help you people. But before you can even go to silver trench you must beat the game. Then recruit the 3 legendary birds. After that you should talk to Alakazam. He tells you to go to their friend area. They say they awakened the sea guardian and they give you a vortex stone.


    Items you should take:

    6 petrify orbs
    4 reviver seeds
    4 max elixers
    4 huge apples

    and two other items you want to take.
    At least be lvl 50 before you try this dungeon
    I beat the dungeon with those items with only a lvl 51 Charzard.

    Also if you want lugia you need your teams max size to be 1 or 2

    The floors you should use the petrify orbs on are floors 15, 35, 55 and 75 because the have big monster houses with about 35 pokemon. There might be some more monster houses but they wont be any trouble because there tiny.

    After you beat all four monster houses and get up to lugia its easy!!
    I beat lugia by using fly 3 times.

    On your first time in this dungeon dont recruit any pokemon untill you have lugia because the other pokemon will wonder off and waste your reviver seeds!
    Pretty much every pokemon in the Silver Trench is a water pokemon so an electric pokemon will breeze through this dungeon.

    After you beat lugia and you unlock its friend area and it joins your team
    It has a 99.9% recruit rate so if it doesnt join your team... your REALLY unlucky.

    After you recruit lugia you unlock meteor cave. Meteor cave is where you get deoxys
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2006
  2. Abyraria

    Abyraria Well-Known Member

    If you like you can allso take a realy strong large legendry pokemon and one other and make the other the leader and send the legendry back just before lugia
  3. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    Instead of huge apples, which would be $100/apple, you can save yourself a lot of trouble with a Tight Belt found on floors 1-5 of Far-Off Sea. Besides, what happens when your apples are hit with Grimer Sludge?
  4. Zaraze

    Zaraze Drifblim landing!

  5. water types rule

    water types rule Well-Known Member

  6. albert2006xp

    albert2006xp Factory Expert

    You must be kidding,4 apples?I ate like 6 or more in there,and same thing about max elixirs.
  7. Charziken

    Charziken < That's me! Hello!

    I didn't need 4 apples when I went in with Stamina Band and Energy Saver equiped I only needed 2 apples.
  8. PikaYellow2

    PikaYellow2 Well-Known Member

    Heck, I'd just use the 98th floor cheat code via CodeBreaker and a legendary Pokemon Jirachi and before I entered the dungeon I give Jirachi Shadow Ball and Thunder and when I get to Lugia, I'd use Jirachi's Shadow Ball to attack it from a distance (for my first attack) and as Lugia gets close, I'd zap it with Jirachi's Thunder. (And It'll paralyze it 60% of the time because with Jirachi's Serene Grace ability) Just like blam, boom, crash!

    Now I have recruited 17 legendaries (excludes all the Regi's and Groudon)

    and I've got to recruit all 386 different kinds of Pokemon and all the Unown.
    A - Z , ! , ?

    I... 24. BINGO! (oop! wrong game... he he...)
  9. firerula

    firerula Fire Tamer

    well... i have full IQ and the hunger saver thingy i think and the huge apples give you 10 extra after you eat them
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2006
  10. winxmaster

    winxmaster PokeMon Professor

    I don't have a tight belt yet (or cheat codes), and I've tried this, but I can't get to the end of the dungeon using my Lv. 60 Swampert and my Lv. 55 Sceptile. I don't get it. I get to about 35F, and that's it.
  11. firerula

    firerula Fire Tamer

    well mabe your pokemon dont have good enough moves.
  12. winxmaster

    winxmaster PokeMon Professor

    That could be it, but my Swampert has Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Protect, and my Sceptile has Mega Drain, Screech, Pound, and Detect. I think those are good moves. I'm trying to get a Pichu in Joyous Tower, but a random Kecleon killed me (I didn't even rob him!), and I lost all my good items. I think a Raichu will be helpful in Silver Trench, but I can't get one so easily.
  13. Charziken

    Charziken < That's me! Hello!

    Just get a bunch of Vitamins (western cave has tons of them) On your best pokemon and you should be set with that, the occasoinal Reviver Seed, a Stamina Band, and a few Huge Apples. Or a Tight Belt to sub for the last two.
  14. weavile/perap eater

    weavile/perap eater Well-Known Member

    can you only get the tight belt between floors 1-5 in far off sea found tight belt lol on floor 27
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2006
  15. winxmaster

    winxmaster PokeMon Professor

    I've only been into Western Cave once, and though it's tough in there, I do need the vitamins. What vitamins would you suggest for this particular dungeon?
  16. ShadowflareNova

    ShadowflareNova Well-Known Member

    No, you can get Tight Belts at other places, but that is probably the most common and easy-to-get place there is to get one. It does take a little while, though, so have patience...
  17. gkiwi

    gkiwi Kabuto Lover!

    I suggest Proteins and Calcium. You really shouldn't worry about the boosting items for Western Cave. Once, you get so far in ther, you find tons of them.
  18. Charziken

    Charziken < That's me! Hello!

    Like another poster said except you should raise your defenses so I would get Irons and Calcium. But I just ate every Vitamin I found cause there is no limit in the game, lol.
  19. diamondboy

    diamondboy fredfredburger yes!

    i can get lots of apples.
  20. Charmanderz

    Charmanderz Well-Known Member

    This seems like a good guide, I think I will use it when I attempt to restrict Lugia.

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