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Guild Chaos Wingz (pokemon mystery dungeon 2 rescues)

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Team Chaos Wingz

We are a group of teams that rescue people who get ko'd in a dungeon.
We provide organized and fast ways of rescuing.
We currently are looking for recruits
-1 space left for 1 co-leader
-unlimited space for members

from time to time we promote our member to a higher rank depending on their status so a normal member could become a co-leader.

So visit us on our board http://s11.invisionfree.com/Chaos_Wingz/

if you want to be recruited enter out chatroom
(no need to register) or if you want to be rescued just start a new topic in the rescue center and we will be on it.

Note if you dont find any online members in our chatroom for recrution
just leave your information on the recruitment board and we will contact you.

Thats All : )
Not open for further replies.