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Gulpin It Down! (341)



Well I think they are pushing the limit, making the two Pokemon become Giants though. Overall, an okay episode.
Pretty good though, but I didn't expect the Gulpin to get so big at first
It was an average filler, about three stars. The battle between giant Gulpin and giant Treeko was very entertaining. But a Pokemon Scienctist that studies Gulpin, you got to be kidding me.


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I remember this episode from 4 years ago. It was cool. Also, the gulpins are actually funny. What's so funny about them is the sound they make when they move.


It was great to see Treecko so big.
And I loved to see Officer Jenny's pokemon fighting, Tangela was cool.


When I saw the previews for this episode, I knew it would be one of those almost Filler-ish episodes. It was, but at least there were a few neat things to note from this episode. We got to see an odd mutation create a giant Gulpin and then a giant Meowth. That has to count for something right? I don't know, this was just sort of random, even for an AG episode. 3/10.
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I remember it from long ago...course it was kinda like a filler and a bit boring but I do remember this line:

May: Do you think they just evolved?!
Max: No May...I don't think so...


When I saw the previews, I knew it would be one of those almost Filler-ish episodes.

Aside from the giant Gulpin and Meowth, it was kinda boring. 1/10

Well I don't think it was a boring episode.

We have seen Officer Jenny with some new pokemon (Parasect, Tangela and Meganium) and it's a rare thing to see.

Also the battle with Gulpin was pretty good.


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Gulpin's power as normal size is actually unknown..:(
Heh, Heavy Ball was neened. I think the gulpin was the biggest in the world...


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This episode was so dumb to me, but I liked it.

Giant Gulpin vs Giant Treecko was kinda cool and definitely the highlight of this episode.

Overall, it was OK.


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Didn't like this episode that much... It was cool to see a Gulpin for the 1st time. It was odd seeing a giant Gulpin as the episode went on. It was cool to see a Heavy Ball in this episode, it's been awhile since there has been 1 shown. Professor Jacuzzi is a really strange name... It was cool to see Tangela and Parasect, it's been a long time since they've been in the Anime. It was cool to see Gulpin get caught with a Heavy Ball.



A giant Gulpin and the return of the heavy ball? Thta almost made this episode bearable to watch. Still, I didn't really care about tis town's problems. Still, for an apparently city-sized area, is Jenny the only officer there? Where's everyone else?


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I thought this episode was really hilarious with the Gulpin's and the Godzilla parody of it. The new voice of Officer Jenny is really identical to its predecessor. This was a nice ending for Treeko before it evolved in the next episode to a Grovyle.
Favorite part was when Gulpin and Treecko grew really large. :)
Gulpin has a hilarious voice. :)


I've never been a Gulpin fan, so I cringed when one appeared at Ash and friend's picnic. I also yelled when a whole swarm of them ganged up on Ash and friends at the bread store. I liked that Officer Jenny was proactive for once; her Grass-types slayed, and seeing TR's balloon attacked by the Gulpin was at least funny. So much senseless mayhem happened here.