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Gulpin It Down! (341)

Mrs. Oreo

Wow the Gulpins here sure acted like pests by eating everything and I loved seeing the giant Gulpin and giant Treecko battle scene hee hee. The Heavy ball being used at the end was a nice callback to Johto. :3
Strange episode with the Gulpin horde running rabid + how Meowth got huge. Jenny fighting Poison types with Grass types was odd too.
We got to see an odd mutation create a giant Gulpin and then a giant Meowth. I don't know, this was just sort of random even for an AG episode. The battle between giant Gulpin and giant Treeko was very entertaining, though.


I thought it was funny how, at the beginning, not even Max or Brock knew what Pokemon that Gulpin was and no one knew what Pokemon it was until Ash used his Pokedex on it. That was really funny! And I thought it was interesting how they had evacuated everyone in the town, so no one was there except for Ash and everyone (and Professor Jacuzzi, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Team Rocket). Anyway, I liked how they let Ash and everyone stay there, because they were tired from traveling on their journey.


Mystery Dungeonee
Welp, looks like a few buildings got destroyed.

Pokemon Centers and Hospitals are gonna be really busy tonight.


The fact that the city here was plagued with Gokulin was interesting, and I loved how involved Junsa was here since she helped out quite a bit. Shakujii-hakase was odd and enjoyable at the same time, what with his inventions that rivaled the Rocket-dan's. Satoshi's giant Kimori versus the giant Gokulin was fun as well.


I call you honey
I enjoyed this episode. The battle between the giant Treecko and Gulpin was what I especially liked. Professor Jacuzzi was annoying though since he seemed wacky and inconsistent.


Looking back, the swarm of Gokulin reminded me of the Betbeter swarm that we saw in that old power plant episode from Kanto, and then with Fushide in Hiun City. It seems like we see Poison-types going berserk often in the anime.
The original dynamax.