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Gundam Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Comis Patronus, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. This club was approved by PsiUmbreon. Thanks!

    Welcome to Gundam Club!

    Purpose: Maybe you'd think that there is already one but that was closed and this talks about all the Gundam shows.

    Just say what your favorite Gundam is and no one else can claim it unless you decide another that is not taken.
    Current Topic: Favorite Gundam Universe
    1. ALL rules of SPPF: RULES
    2. Always be kind to others. If they made a mistake, correct them in a nice way.
    3. No racism please. There is too much of that in the world already.
    4. Post here to join.
    5. Debating: Don't do too much here that isn't necessary. Just express what you feel in that topic as long as you don't go far from it......
    6. Always have fun; that's important.
    7. Try to be active.
    8. If this club hasn't been responded to in a month's time you have the right to close it and continue another.
    9. Positions in this club is decided by me so if you don't post or anything-it may mean demoted if you're a mod or something.
    10. Rankings depend on how you're active as a member although mods/admins are of a different ranking.

    Breaking of Rules:
    1. There are 3 warnings. Any more will mean banning from this club.
    2. Warnings will be an X for each time.

    Current Members:
    1. Admin+-OkashiraShinomori; Deathscythe Hell Custom
    2. Tifa Lockhart; Gundam Wing
    3. Shiny Salamence; Burning Gundam
    4. Kanami Yuta; Rose Gundam
    5. Searchman exe; Jester Gundam

    Resigned: Comis Patronus; Gundam XX

    Total Current:5
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2006
  2. Kurama

    Kurama Ramiel Angel Thunder

    join i must

    i can't remember what it was called but the main one from the first season
  3. Shiny Salamence

    Shiny Salamence Runnin with the devi

    can i join i loved G gundam my favorite was the burning gundam
  4. You're both welcome-I was beginning to think this club would fail. :D
  5. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    Oh, I have to join...I love Gundam...but my favorite series was G Gundam. My favorite gundam was Rose Gundam. *squee*
  6. Sure-I'll put that up.
  7. OkashiraShinomori

    OkashiraShinomori SootopolisAquaPulser

    Ah, I've just got to join. I've been a long-time fan of Gundam. My favorite series is definitely O8th MS Team, as I simply love the realism of the series itself and the relationship between Aina and Shiro. As for my favorite Gundam.....hmm....Deathscythe Hell Custom, no contest.
  8. Out of curiosity, have any of you watched Gundam X?
  9. OkashiraShinomori

    OkashiraShinomori SootopolisAquaPulser

    I'm afraid not, though I've certainly tried. I can't seem to find a working torrent for it.
  10. I watched all of them except this one series I forgot but the Gundam XX design is incomparable. :D
  11. OkashiraShinomori

    OkashiraShinomori SootopolisAquaPulser

    Hahaha. I've seen the design, but that's it. I've also played the GBA SD Gundam game, and learned a little bit about the characters and mobile suits from it. I must say, it's not bad in combat.
  12. The weapons are so powerful but too bad they never played it here in the US officially....
  13. OkashiraShinomori

    OkashiraShinomori SootopolisAquaPulser

    Yeah, I have a ROM of it, though when I get the money I'd also like to buy the DS game and import it. It's a real shame they never marketed them stateside, though I'm rather afraid they'd screw something up, considering it's an enormous crossover.

    I wasn't entirely in love with the idea at first myself, being as I much prefer things to stay canon, but there's something fun about using the Nu Gundam, Wing Gundam, and GP01Fb all at once, haha.
  14. I know-the anime has some of the best gundam ideas....they should do Gundam again and do a war of the mobile suits. :D
  15. OkashiraShinomori

    OkashiraShinomori SootopolisAquaPulser

    Well, by war, I'd like to see a realistic view of the war, like in 08th MS Team. Not just Aces vs Aces and the occasional pathetic soldier getting caught in the crossfire. I'm more a fan of the strategy inherent in war, rather than just the flashy looking fight scenes between two Aces and their mobile suits.
  16. .:Ultimate Shroomish:.

    .:Ultimate Shroomish:. Need a hand?

    may I join I really like jester gundam. But I cant remember the name of the show with shining gundam.
  17. It's G Gundam and yes, welcome.
  18. OkashiraShinomori

    OkashiraShinomori SootopolisAquaPulser


    Since it's obviously become a bit quiet, what's everyone's opinions on the pretty basic idea of having similar characters in each show (Zechs, Char, etc)? Is it a cheap way to keep them from making new characters, or is it a common thread between all the shows? Same with the concept of NewTypes, Coordinators, and other things that are very similar throughout. Let's hear it!
  19. The Japanese have been cautious of wars like this so they put their future ideals into anime ideas and especially the nature of humans(like in Godzilla).
    Future-is something we all dream of at one point. They applied technology into it and now some logical ideals. :D
  20. OkashiraShinomori

    OkashiraShinomori SootopolisAquaPulser

    Wasn't what I was getting at, but an interesting point. One of the things that makes Gundam so popular, in my opinion at least, is the possibility that lies in it. The shere logic that pervades the series is staggering, and the amount of truth that exists in it gives hope that someday this could be a reality, at least to some extent.

    Mobile Suit technology is being seriously looked into by the people at MechaPS, the Lagrange points were something created a long time ago and would indeed be perfect staging points for colonies, and the creation of things such as Luna II would be necessary, as we are rapidly depleting our terrestrial resources.
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