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GWSC- Week #11 "Evolution brought to the next level"


6 different pokemon
ANY person can enter!
ANY website can participate!
ANY thing can happen! Its the...


With an overwhelming amount of votes, tomthepom grabbed the victory with his amazing trainer sprite.

Medium: Scratch or Edit
Sprite source: All 5th gen sprites http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/

Challenge: "Evolution brought to the next level"

The challenge for this week is to take a pokémon and make a MEGA-evolution. For those who are behind on the 6th gen news, you can check what mega-evolutions are on www.serebii.net

You can choose whether you edit an existing sprite or scratch is. The choise is up to you.
Good luck :)

-Must be within the 96x96 limits.

Post your entry here in the thread by 11:59p.m. Sunday, and voting will occur the following Monday! Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest, and will enter this one
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bring me to life
That... is a pretty damn awesome idea. I'm suprised nobody else thought of it! I'll definitely try my hand at this one, I'll edit my post with my submission.


Belly Slide
So I had.... NO idea what to do for this one, but ended up wanting to do something Dunsparce. I ended up spitballing ideas until I came up with this.


.....it's whiskers have fleshed into a beard and it's sorta gone for a cobra look.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod

Meh, I can't sprite stars or I would of added stars to her dress :/


Just a freedom hussy
Mega-Gastrodon has a sturdy mirror on the top of its head to distract foes. For when the mirror fails, it can release large quantities of sea-foam from the large suckers placed on its shell, which it uses to hide itself in.


I always thought there could have been a third-evo to Shellos, but I'll leave that up to Nintendo *hint*

Frosty Voltorb

Well-Known Member
Yes Raxzer, anyone can enter. The point of the contest is to encourage all spriters to create, so go on and join in!


6 different pokemon
Yes Raxzer, everyone can enter until the end of this day :) I won't be able to directly make the poll, so if you don't see it yet you can still post your entry here.

Here is mine: MEGA manectric

I love the design of manectric and I always found it a shame that it didn't have a more impressive impact on the game. Maybe if there comes a MEGAmanectric it will :)
Also sough that it was based on a multi-tailed wolf. I didn't get why they didn't design manectric with multiple tails from the start but now I get why... Because it is f*cking hard to make ^^

Anyway, I also wanted to say I'll make the thread for next week too but after then I won't be able to make them anymore. So maybe we should start talking about the possible new project (to sprite the 6th gen sprites) and about who w/could like to take over the WSC for a while.


bring me to life
I think that the 6th Gen Sprite idea will be good, but whoever is "hosting" it should be kinda "picky" as in, don't accept sprites that aren't that good/half-assed. Don't flame the spriters but point out what is wrong.

I could see if I can do it. I'll need to know the guidelines of 5th Gen spriting though. I know the limits are 96x96, but what is the color limit, if any? I'll need to set limits and guidelines for the project if I'm able to do it.

And/Or, I can try to take over WSC, I can have people PM/VM me ideas for contests. Does the timeline go like this?
Sunday - Post new contest
Following Monday - Post Poll
Sunday After - New Contest?


6 different pokemon
It would be great if you could take over. I'll do next week and then you can give it a try :)
I think the restrictions of the sprites are minimal. Except for size I wouldn't add much more limits. It is much easier for beginning sprites to not worry about the color limit and stuff like that.
If you want I could give some guidelines but it think it's pretty easy to do.
For the timeline it is:
sunday the deadline for the submissions end
monday you start a new contest and and post the poll of the previous one.

For the 6th gen sprites, I think it can go 3 ways: the easy, the free and the strict way.
easy way: there is one thread where people can submit their sprites and every week/2week there is a poll if 2 (or more) people made a sprite of the same pokémon
strict way: each week one pokemon is chosen to be sprited, and after the week is done, there is a poll to decide which sprite is the best.
the free way: you can claim which pokemon you do and others can't do it then. I think it might be handy if here is some kind of quality control because otherwise the dex will just look crappy. But I don't think this is a good way to attract new spriters.


bring me to life
The "Free Way" would seem the most practical to use, which would you suggest? The Strict Way seems like a WSC, Dex Style, and I don't think people would like that. Which would you suggest?

Obviously, we should wait until October when X/Y are released, or when the PokeDex is leaked with English names, whatever come first. In the meantime we should continue with WSC, maybe ask participants to put a userbar or a link in a signature to advertise the contest.


Just a freedom hussy
I do like the sound of the 'strict way,' but would that perhaps take too long, I mean if there are a 130 new Pokes for example, then that'll take ages, unless we do like 3 a week, which would be too demanding for the newer spriters. The 'free way' sounds more practical, since we could help and critique each other if the quality isn't great, before just rejecting it, which may stop people from returning, but idk, perhaps we should have a poll to decide the future?
But I agree that we should continue the WCS until the full dex is released, and the userbar idea is great btw.


6 different pokemon
Yeah maybe a poll would be nice.

Raxter, normally you should be able to put the link of your sprite like this:

(if you don't know how to obtain this link, go to the site photobucket (or ezimba). there you can upload your sprite)
I'll wait for your entry before I make the poll :)