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GWSC- Week #147 "Mega Pokéball!"

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by noobiess, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. noobiess

    noobiess 6 different pokemon Staff Member Moderator

    GWSC- Week #147 "Mega Pokéball!"

    ANY person can enter!
    ANY website can participate!
    ANY thing can happen! It's the...


    Three winner this week! Congrats Bert ,Ex and noobiess!

    Medium: Edit/fusion
    Sprite source: 5th/6th gen sprites (click on banner)
    Challenge: "Mega Pokéball"

    The challenge this week is to make a "Mega pokéball".
    What this exacly means, is up to you!
    You can for example customize a pokéball sprite for a specific mega evolution.
    Go wild I would say!

    Make sure you check out out 6th gen sprites if you want to use some (click on banner + the thread of making of the XY sprites).
    Also, note that white outlining is allowed this week!

    Feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear.
    Try to be so original as possible ^^ Good luck!

    - Maximum size: 96*96
    - White outlining is allowed!

    Post your entry here in the thread by Sunday 20:59p.m (GMT+1).
    Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest, and will enter this one.

  2. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Aw, crap! This is what happens when I get too into a Shiny hunt- I kept putting off my entry for last week! >_< But I did get one done for this week, and I kinda like how it came out;


    The Mega Ball- a beautiful Poké Ball designed to resemble a Key Stone. Has a catch rate of x4 when used on a Pokémon whose final evolutionary stage can Mega Evolve, and x5 if used on something already in a Mega Evolve-able stage.
  3. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Long time no see, and good to see this is still going. I'm considering getting back into spriting since my forays into other mediums are stalling somewhat, so I thought I'd try this for ideas on what to sprite instead of my usual attempt human character, takes too long, give up half way, fill hard drive with dozens of unfinished attempts.

    Here's a pokéball as a key stone, or possibly just a keystone embedded in the bottom half of a pokéball shell.

    I have an animated version too , though IIRC you can only enter animations when it specifically says so.
  4. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    Hi all, I've made entries into this before, but only when the contest happened to coincide with sprites I made for my fan games. I've decided to try to start making an effort to enter on a more regular basis. Maybe not every week, but I'll do what I can. So here's my first real entry.

    Mega Ball
    A somewhat different Pokéball that works better on Pokémon that can or will evolve into one that can Mega Evolve
  5. satsumarax

    satsumarax 1st generation girl

    Such an open competition! I haven't played much of x or y so I decided to go for a yanMEGA Pokeball.

  6. zx.creature

    zx.creature Active Member


    I decided to go simple this week and made a Mega-Absol ball. The shell is (supposed to be) Yin-Yang shaped and the button is the... button on Absol's head :3

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