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GWSC-Week #3 "From Hell to Heaven"


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ANY person can enter!
ANY website can participate!
ANY thing can happen! Its the...

Congratulations to all THREE winners of the first GWSC week! In an unprecedented three way tie(5 votes each), NorthernLightsSuicune, Ruby XIII, and Painted Opposum won!

Welcome everyone to the third GWSC! It's a weekly contest that's open to anyone and everyone :)

Medium: Retype
Sprite source: Any official B/W sprite.(Any generation of pokemon though) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites.html

Challenge: "From Hell to Heaven"

You knew it would happen sooner or later, so here it is right now! Your goal this week is to Retype an existing dark type to the brand new Fairy type! Since we have little to go on as to what classifies a "fairy type", let your imagination run wild!

-The chosen dark type can be dual typed too. It's your choice as to whether you want to keep that extra type or make it a soley Fairy type.
-Any method is legal really. If you simply want to cut and paste butterfree's wings onto poochyena you can do that. Or, if you want to go all out and scratch sprite the new panda pokemon as a fairy type, that's legal too ;)

Post your entry here in the thread by 11:59p.m. Sunday, and voting will occur the following Monday! Good luck and I hope to see many entries. Ask if there are any questions:)


Training for ORAS

Presenting Purrsnikiti, the Fairy version of Purrloin. Hope I didn't change it too much. XD


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
(I had to make this in the old MS Paint o-o So sorry if the outline is innacurate)

Anyways I tried t ore-type our lovely Hobgoblin here from Dark/Ghost to Fairy/Ghost. He could hide in gardens with the flowers on his head and wisk pokemon away with his fairy magic and devour their souls. I find this one of my more interesting works...


Previously Iota
Hey I'm a new spriter on the forums here and I thought the GWSC would be a great place to start on the spriting forum, so here's my entry!



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Direct link: http://i39.*******.com/1zelafo.jpg

Good luck to all.

Frosty Voltorb

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Fairies come in all shapes and sizes. The stereotypical link with wings is but one: there are gnomes, sprites, and imps. So I chose to do an elf themed Fairy retype of Scrafty! Plus, it's my first time in ages posting here, so yey.



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The Ancient One

Decided to try my hand at this. First time spriting in a year, have a Fairy-Type Mightyena, based heavily off of Amaterasu from Okami. Divine Beings are mythical and graceful enough to be considered Fairies, and I hope that GameFreak does some divinely-inspired Fairies in X and Y.


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