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GWSC- Week #36 "Find me in the Shaking Grass!"


hello, im back sorta
ANY person can enter!
ANY website can participate!
ANY thing can happen! Its the...

Ooh, I posted the results on the poll. Check the Week #35 Poll for results!

Medium: Fusion
Sprite source: 5+6th gen sprites (for link click on banner)

Challenge: "Find me in the tall grass!"
Fuse a legendary Pokemon and a wild Pokemon to create a far less pumped up Pokemon
Recoloring is allowed to make the Pokemon look better fused
Please only fuse two Pokemon in this process

Yes, it is I! Chapter of Charizard is hosting this week's GWSC and Poll while noobiess is away!

- max size of 96*96
- white outlining isn't allowed
- fuse only two Pokemon

Post your entry here in the thread by 11:59p.m. Sunday, and voting will occur the following Monday! Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest, and will enter this one!

If you have any trouble posting your sprite on the thread, feel free to send it via PM to me.

Good luck to everyone!

P.S. Chapter of Charizard is amazing and awesome
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Keldino (The Wiggle Pokemon)

Keldino appear often, but to the dismay of trainers. Although their eyes are supposed to me "menacing", they represent no evil in this Pokemon. The wings of Keldino are capable of flight, but only for very small distances. The fluff of hair on their heads are supposed to perform cures for diseases, but that is a busted myth. The only thing this Pokemon is possibly good for is for show, as Keldino are supposedly adored by many for it's cute nature. The fluff of hair is said to wiggle as if it has it's own mind...

(Idea was made from Shaking Grass = Audino + an overlooked Legendary (IMO))


hello, im back sorta
I really think that I did a decent job this week. At least, I didn't try to make a spoof or something weird or funny or whatever. I actually tried, so, here it goes.

Laumarill (The Spurious Pokemon)


Laumarill (la - EW - marill) likes to pretend that it is the Legendary Pokemon Latias. It uses its incredibly long ears that stick out of long grass to fool trainers and people that the wings Latias are sitting there, and therefore Latias is sitting there. When they find Laumarill, though, he/she pounces on them and often takes their food, or other things they are interested in. Rumors say that they actually know the hiding places of Latias, and others say that they just envy her for her famous status in the human world.

Miss Alexis

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Ohh Id like to enter this week!

Shayras Fool's Gratitude Pokemon

Shayras first started appearing when the spores of a Paras and pollen of a Gracedia Flower intertwined with eachother on the back of its ancestors. Many years later, the pigments of this pokemon changed and the pokemon itself adapted to its new nature on its back.

lol idk what else to put but there you go :p


Pichos Supersonic Pokémon ELECTRIC/FLYING

Pichos is said to fly around the world at supersonic speeds. Designs for efficient aircrafts have been modelled after it's structure. It is known to appear during powerful thunderstorms, illuminating the sky.

(I know its only a minor edit but I think it works well.)


hello, im back sorta
Remember that noobiess shall be back from his skiing trip soon, and that the entries should all be put in by today just to be safe, even though technically you have until 11:59 tomorrow I would try submitting as early as possible, just to be safe.
Good luck to everyone again! :)


6 different pokemon
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Im back from my skiing trip :)
Thanx Chapter of Charizard for filling in for me.
I'll be able to make the poll and the next GWSC tommorow.

Ps: Your 'PS' on the first post was a nice touch to it XD


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Oh no, Dex entries are my weakness...
Equaza the imitating pokemon. Poison
Equaza imitates larger pokemon to defend itself from predators.
That's all I got :c