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GWSC- Week 40 Poll


6 different pokemon
Staff member
This week's challenge was to make a pokemon lose one type

Everyone has 1 vote to use!
The votes will be tallied on Sunday and the winner will be announced in Week #42

I really love the creativity of the entries this week! :)
Also I want to say that uploading with Tinyp*c isn't possible anymore so please upload your sprite with another site.
Note that this week you can give 1 vote!!

Burakoru - Flying Xatu

Chapter of Charizard - Flying Ho-oh

Klinny - Water Slowbro

Mew the Gato - Dragon Hydreigon

noobiess - Normal Swellow

Sour Monster - Rock Magcargo

tomthepom - Ground Steelix

the ashman83 - fire Numel

Happy voting!


Protect The Smiles!
My vote goes to Chapter of Charizard.

I really like how the Ho-Oh was done.


Voting for Sour Monster.

Rock Magcargo's been pulled off superbly!


Belly Slide
I think the vote is obvious; Sour Monster's Rock Magcargo.

Though I have to give props to Noobiess and Klinny for well-done sprites, and Mew the Gato for an interesting take on removing the dark type.

Oh, and that Burakoru guy, cause he actually made a sprite for a contest when the theme wasn't recolouring. xD


hello, im back sorta
I'm going with tomthepom. The crystal Steelix is so cool, and I love how parts of him are boulders and some are crystals. It makes it look like he is the bedrock itself!

Sour Monster

Well-Known Member
I love the entries this week, so creative!

I think I will vote for Klinny - Water Slowbro. I love how it's been made into more of a fish.


Skitty Chaser
Oh do I get to vote too? ^-^;

I'd like to vote for: Sour Monster - Rock Magcargo I love how the fiery body has been changed into rock.

But I want to say good job to everyone - this was a really interesting theme for a contest and the results are so creative!

Pink Harzard

So majestic
I love that Hydreigon. But the one that took even more my attention was made by Sour Monster. That Rock Marcargo looks great.


Master of the House
Voting for Sour Monster, but the ashman83's Numel was amazing as well.


Well-Known Member
Some really neat ones here. I vote for Sour Monster, even though it makes no sense how it could travel if it is rock solid ;p

The swellow was really creative.


6 different pokemon
Staff member
All entries had something worth voting for I think, so the choice was very difficult.
But I have to go for Sour Monster. I think it looks the most like a pokemon that always had only one type (and not like it lost a type)

The Meddler

Never Forget
My vote goes to Burakoru for Flying Xatu

I like how he stripped the pokemon down, basically deconstructing, and looking at its parts one by one instead of as a whole, creating some depth to the once forgettable bird.


Mud in my veins
Most of these are just recolors. So I'm going to go with Sour Monster. There's more to a pokemon's type than just the color!! x)