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GWSC- Week #41 "Those dementing pokemon of today even lost a dimension this time"


6 different pokemon
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ANY person can enter!
ANY website can participate!
ANY thing can happen! Its the...


Last week, Lady gaga gathered the most fans with her freakishly good vocals. Congrats KingTapir!

Medium: Pixel over
Sprite source: 6th gen 3D models

Challenge: "Those dementing pokemon of today even lost a dimension this time"
The challenge of the week make a pixel over of a 6th gen 3D model.
This doesn't have to be a 6th gen pokemon, it can be of any generation.
It would be helpful though, since the X/Y spriting project would use some extra sprites ^^
KingTapir mad an amazing tutorial a while ago so if you need help, click on this link

Feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear.
Try to be so original as possible ^^ Good luck!

- max size of 96*96
- white outlining isn't allowed

Post your entry here in the thread by 11:59p.m. Sunday, and voting will occur the following Monday! Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest, and will enter this one

If you have any trouble posting your sprite on the thread, feel free to send it via PM to me.

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Sour Monster

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Think I made it a bit too big, doh. Did make it smaller but think it's still a bit big. Nevermind!


Added the image I did a pixel over of so you can see. I used the shiny one from the Serebii Pokedex as I preferred that you could see both hind legs.
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Doing absol, no stealing this time noobies ;p



Didn't like how unshaded B&W style looked so I sort of customized it more.
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6 different pokemon
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Amazing entries so far :)

Here is mine:


I might edit it later because I'm not completely satisfied with every part of the sprite but I'll see if I got some time left ^^


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one of my favorite pokemon of this gen, binacle!
Edit* oh wow it looks kinda small :C sorreh


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Wow. I haven't participated in a loooooong time. I think it was...3 years? Anyways, here's my entry into the GWSC this week. Mega Alakazam is my favorite of all the megas so I figured I'd give him a shot! :)

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