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GWSC-Week 5 poll


Well-Known Member
The challenge this week was to fuse two of the same pokemon together.

Everyone has 1 vote to use!
The votes will be tallied on Sunday and the winner will be announced in one of the following weeks contests!

My vote goes to Jadevelocity. It's the closest to what I'd do if I entered, in that it looks like a super gallade rather than two put together.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
Voting for WPS for a somewhat hilarious entry, love the touch with the ticked Magnemite


Previously Iota
My vote goes to WPS.


The Ancient One
Voting for FrostyVoltorb. Also, I was kindof surprised someone didn't just submit a Metagross as their entry, lol.


Savior of Termina
I vote for FrostyVoltorb, though WPS gets a mention because I believe that should have been Magneton's true evolution.


Well-Known Member
FrostyVoltorb gets my vote this round, but I'd also like to make a note that WPS brought a smile to my face.


God of Fusions
Jade velocity gets my vote.

Frosty Voltorb

Well-Known Member
Vote goes to jade once again: I like the bulky look to Gallade here, and it's easy to tell that it's single Pokemon being fused with itself.


6 different pokemon
Bummer I didn't have time to enter this one, I love the theme.

My vote goes to WPS. Ii's really original and it looks well done.
WOO! THE SPRITE CONTESTS ARE BACK!!! I'll probably enter starting next week.

As for this one, my vote goes to Jade Velocity, although Frosty Voltorb came really close.


The Power of Aura
My vote goes to WPS, although Jade and Frosty came close too.


Belly Slide
My vote goes to WPS, the design makes me laugh, and I almost wish this is what they had done with Magnezone.