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GWSC- Week 56 Poll


6 different pokemon
Staff member
This week's challenge was to disguise a pokemon as another

Everyone has 1 vote to use!
The votes will be tallied on Sunday and the winner will be announced in Week #58.
I can already tell this will be difficult to choose ^^ I'm also glad I see some familiar faces reappearing :)

Note that this week you can give 1 vote!!

Burakoru - Slowpoke dressed as Garbordor

Burt_lucario - Difloon dressed as Jigglypuff

Grovyl - Dragonite dressed as Flygon

King Infernape the III - Dedenne dressed as pikachu

MetalFlygon8 - Koffing dressed as Weezing

Missigno.Master - Emolga dressed as Gligar

ReaperNeku - Pidove dressed as Ho-oh

Ryger Vandell - Electabuzz dressed as Zangoose (shiny)

Snivy18 - Igglybuff dressed as Mareep

Happy voting!
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Who dun dug diglett?
Man, all these entries are great, it's hard for me to only choose one..

I love MetalFlygon's creativity, but my vote goes to ReaperNeku's Ho-oh/Pidove mix because despite their size differences it manages to flow extremely well.

Sour Monster

Well-Known Member
Oh wow it's so hard to vote! I think I will have to go for MetalFlygon8 - Koffing dressed as Weezing, the balloon is hilarious and I love the extra smog cloud hanging from a string lol.


Gracias al mundo
My vote is for MetalFlygon8! I find the idea hilarious and perfectly created. It was definitely hard to choose, so good job to everyone.


Belly Slide
I agree the idea behind MetalFlygon8's Koffing is pretty great; but...there's one reason I'm not voting it. The koffing itself - to ME, as this is all opinion - looks like it belongs in a Gen 3 game (I know the base of the Koffing is Gen 5, but personal nit-pickiness)

I'm voting for Reaper Neku's Ho-oh Pidove as I think it came out really well, and is absolutely adorable. Love how it came out.


Master of the House
I vote for Burakoru - Slowpoke dressed as Garbordor. Although MetalFlygon8's Koffing made me laugh a ton.


Previously Iota
My vote goes to Reaper Neku's Pidove dressed as a Ho-Oh. So cute and really well put-together :)


6 different pokemon
Staff member
For me it was difficult to choose between Burakoru, ReaperNeku and Missigno.Master.
But since I only have one vote, I choose Burakoru.