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GWSC-Week #6 "More gales of darkness"


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ANY person can enter!
ANY website can participate!
ANY thing can happen! Its the...

The winner of Week #4 is Will-powered Spriter with 7 votes!

Welcome everyone to the sixth GWSC!

Medium: Recolor/edit
Sprite source: Any legendary 5th gen. B/W sprite.http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites.html

Challenge: "More gales of darkness"

In my opinion, Pokemon XD: Gale of darkness was a really underrated entry into the series. It marks the only entry in the main games that actually attempted to do something new with the battle system, in the form of shadow pokemon.

In honor of that game, your task this week is to turn a 5th gen. legend into a shadow pokemon a la lugia of XD. It will be mostly a recolor, but minor edits are allowed as you can see in this picture...


The notches on lugia's eye protectors, and its sharper claws.

-I don't know why people assume it is, but Volcarona isn't a legendary, it has an evolution line, so it can't be used. Essentially everything from cobalion on forward is useable.

Also, on a side-note, I'm starting to run out of ideas for the contest, so if anyone wants to feel free to v.m. or p.m. me your ideas. :)

Good luck to all!


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod

My entry this week, and directly uploading from computer since I was lazy. I guess Reshiram seems more deranged or something? Also the black rings are meant to be black, or "shadow" fire, and due to having bad sprite skills I couldn't sprite in the black flames without it looking horrible


The Ancient One
Just a quick listing of viable Pokemon, for anyone who's interested.
Zekrom (Not sure what you could do to make it shadow, so would probably make for a fun challenge)
Kyurem (B Kyurem and W Kyurem aren't allowed)
Landorus (+Therian)
Thundorus (+Therian)
Tornadus (+Therian)
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God of Fusions
I present my entry to this contest (boy it's been a looong time since I've sprited!):


Shadow Landorus



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Kyurem (Are B. Kyurem and W. Kyurem allowed? Not sure)

I'm going to say no, because the point is essentially to make XD002(whereas shadow lugia was XD001 for those who don't know). And given that B/W kyurem are already different forms with a dfferent story, I don't think it'd make sense.

That said, as I don't recall them having much story relation to them, feel free to use the therian formes of the Kami Trio though.

Frosty Voltorb

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This week should be redone as making one of the kami trio a shadow pokemon.
It'd be such a tough one to judge.


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Hello, I'm new to these contests but not new to spriting, so here is my entry:


Genesect shoots out Shadowiness from it's Drive and makes Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon. Hehehe

(Can someone tell me how to remove Attached Images...?)


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The Ancient One
Yeah, no idea how to remove attachments, so I can't help much there. Maybe try playing around with the advanced editor?

Anyways, here's my entry.

Shadow Virizion, with a couple of minor edits to make it look more sinister, mainly with color palette. Primary modifications:
-Made the horns more pointy
-Removed it's smirk, leaving it with a blank face
-Added colored tips to the feathery outcroppings around its legs and tail
-Changed the length of the (coat/pelt?) and how it meets the underlayer of skin
-Tried to make the coattails look more like bony protrusions.

Oh yeah, and if anyone's interested, I actually drew out a Shadow Scizor and a Shadow Victini in my sig gallery. Might could be decent inspiration or w/e.


The Power of Aura
It's been a while since I've done any form of sprite, so this obviously isn't gunna be the best. Went with my favorite Gen 5 legend.
6 Shadow Victini.gif
Used the colors from GPX+'s shadow lugia, closed it's mouth to make it look less cheerful, and made the wings a little spikier.

Also, I haven't uploaded an image since before the site changed styles, so if anyone could tell me how that'd be great.


om nom nom
I'm new to these contests but here's what I've done. I'm using Genesect.

Gene Buster.png

I made some of Genesect's parts sharper, recolored it, and edited it's arm.

May the best spriter win.


God of Fusions
Should we begin voting since its the next week?