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GWSC- Week 60 Poll


6 different pokemon
Staff member
This week's challenge was to make a puzzle piece

Everyone has 1 vote to use!
The votes will be tallied on Sunday and the winner will be announced in Week #62.
Thank you to everyone who entered. Next week, the new banner will be made and used in the poll (from week 61)

Note that this week you can give 1 vote!!



King Infernape the III



Ryger Vandell

Happy voting!


Sour Monster

Well-Known Member
Burt_lucario - The colours are gorgeous.


6 different pokemon
Staff member
Burnt_lucario: great scratch! The colors blend very nice
,Ex: Also a very good scratch. You can see that there is really a 'playful vibe' coming from the sprite (which is perfect for the electric-mouse pokemon). I would liek to have seen the grass a bit longer though.
King Infernape the III: I think it characterizes your profile name very well. The sprite is also very well done! Also playing with the outlines to get a 3D effect was really smart.
Missigno.master: I like that you used missigno, but I think the surrounding could have been chosen better. It looks a bit messy. Other then that I really like it;
noobiess: me ^^
Ryger Vandell: I really like the map, the quality of it is really high. I think you have could of added something more to make it more special though.

I had a hard time choosing between King Infernape the III and burnt_lucario but I'm going for King Infernape the III. It's a smart and good quality sprite and it was this sort of entry expected from this week.


Master of the House
This week, Noobiess' puzzle piece really caught my eye. It was simple and elegant.