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GWSC-Week #7 "Backseat driver"


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ANY person can enter!
ANY website can participate!
ANY thing can happen! Its the...

The winner of Week #5 is a tie between Jade and WPS with 5 votes each, congrats to both!

Welcome everyone to the seventh GWSC!

Medium: Fusion
Sprite source: Any B/W Backsprite http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/blackwhite_bwb.html

Challenge: "Backseat Driver"

A thought occured to me. I have never ONCE seen someone fuse two backsprites. Never, ever, EVAR!

So your task is just that. Fuse ANY two pokemon, from any generation, with their backsprites.

-Just has to be 96x96, and a backsprite....that's about it.​


The Power of Aura
Now that you mention it, I'd never even considered the thought of fusing back sprites. Worth a shot.

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If I were to enter, would I be permitted to make the back sprite for a splice I've already made, granted I used BW back sprites?

Frosty Voltorb

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Jdrawer, I'm sure that'd be allowed. The only real rules are to make use of back sprites, and have them be from B/W versions.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod

Dragonair + Torchic. I really like how it turned out. I tried to make the feather tufts and the talons/beak/horn look like they were made out of Dragonair's gems, and the body was colored to be like the Dragonair wing fused in.


Belly Slide

Originally I was going to do a backsprite of my first fusion ever (Abomasnow and Noctowl) but......couldn't work that out. >_<; So I randomized a pokemon, got Cresselia, and decided I'd go for an opposites sort of thing. And Tada..........Cresrai? Maybe Darkelia? I dunno.

Frosty Voltorb

Well-Known Member

Shinies have back sprites, so why not use em?


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God of Fusions
Here's my entry! Fusions are always fun.


Mewtwo + Bisharp