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GWSC-Week 7 poll


Well-Known Member
The challenge this week was to fuse any two pokemon, with the twist being that it must be between backsprites!

Everyone has 1 vote to use!
The votes will be tallied on Sunday and the winner will be announced in one of the following weeks contests!

Some very interesting results this time round eh? While the obvious choice seems like Frosty at first, I feel the absolute best piece was Navarch's, its simple, but the spriting is very clean and the placement of the eyes was a cool touch.


The Ancient One
Going to have to go with WPS this week. The concept was executed remarkably well, and it was one of the reasons that contributed towards me giving up on entering this week, as I felt I couldn't come up with any concept that could easily match it, given the theme. Doing other things also had some part to play, but again, great job, bro.


Belly Slide
Going to vote Frosty Voltorb, I really like the land-shark look, and it's nicely done.


God of Fusions
I vote for {o}_{o}'s entry. Its quite an interesting idea.


Previously Iota
I'm voting for {o}_{o} this week.


Master of the House
I'll vote for KingTapir. Quite a hilarious sprite.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
Voting for KingTapir, just because of how lulzy it is.

Frosty Voltorb

Well-Known Member
Gonna give it to Lucario9. Simple, yet it fits together very nicely.


6 different pokemon
I was a week away and I just sough the results and I'm stunned. I love the results and I had a hard time choosing.
But my vote goes to Frosty voltorb even though all of them look great