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GWSC-Week #9 "Can't beat em', so join em'"


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ANY person can enter!
ANY website can participate!
ANY thing can happen! Its the...

Congratulations to the winner of week # 7, KingTapir!!!

Welcome everyone to the ninth GWSC!

Medium: Fusion
Sprite source: Any B/W trainersprite

Challenge: "Can't beat em', so join em"

My apologies for all the fusion themes, they just come to me easier than the rest I guess.

The challenge this week is to fuse two trainer sprites together, from the black and white sagas.(the sheet I posted only has BW1, if you want to use BW2 sprites go ahead).

-I believe trainer sprites have a 96*96 limit, so use that as your boundry.

-Obviously there are plenty of males and females here, so feel free to fuse opposite genders if you feel like it. Keep in mind you could very well just take the clothes off one and put it on the other.​


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I have actually never fused two trainer sprites together, or messed with trainers at all for that matter. This should be fun.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod

Fused BW2 Flannery with BW2 Cynthia. Well, just dropping off my (almost) weekly submission.


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Lol, the first time I entered, I got 0 votes >.< trying again though :) after hours of work, I finally finished my pixel-over, anddddddd it was too late ):

I would like to caption/explain it

cilan/n are the merged, and being so polite, they give back the lady her purse!
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View attachment 9884Lol, the first time I entered, I got 0 votes >.< trying again though :) after hours of work, I finally finished my pixel-over, anddddddd it was too late ):

Hey if you ever have an entry that is a day or two late just p.m. it to me and I'll happily put it in. I know from being in your position, its quite annoying to spend time on something that may not be seen :)


The Ancient One

Yeah, so I went with something a little weird. I decided to fuse B2/W2 Cynthia with Magic Queen Jujube/Bellelba/Sabrina from Pokestar Studios. So yeah, this was interesting, especially considering I got to see the Pokestar Studios sprites for the first time.