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Gym Battle! Z-Move VS Mega Evolution!! (986)


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Gym Battle! Z-Move VS Mega Evolution!!

Still in Kanto, the group heads to Cerulean City to teach the Alola group about Pokémon Gyms. Having had his last match at Cerulean Gym interrupted, Ash is eager to have a proper match as demonstration, and Kiawe also wants to battle. As such, battles soon begin of Ash VS Misty and Kiawe VS Brock, but when they start to use their Z-Moves, Brock & Misty pull out their trump cards: Mega Evolution. Will Ash manage to push through the Mega Gyarados' strength with his Z-Move?

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I swear if Ash solos Misty's Mega Gyarados with only Pikachu, then Lysandre's must have been on steroids.


Wow, an unexpected Mallow & Lana vs Misty match O_O

Welp, Misty dun' goofed. She got a little too overconfident with Psyduck, as he can use it's Psychic powers for a short period of time, and she distracted the 'duck.
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Unfortunately no Gen 1 OST was used. I don't know why they're so stubborn ;_;

On the bright side we got some sweet Gen 5/6 tracks, including everyone's favorite Mega Evolution Acts Theme (when Misty Mega Evolves her Gyarados)

Aaaand Pikachu won, fairly easily at that.
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If only Pikachu could take a *certain other* Mega Evolution like that... back when, you know, it really mattered. That'd be great.


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If only Pikachu could take a *certain other* Mega Evolution like that... back when it really mattered.

How could he take that other Mega Evolution if said-Mega Evolution didn't even happen yet?

Anyways, it's nice to see that Pikachu is still at the top of its game.


Bewear...that was one of the few times I've not laughed.

What a waste of TR. Should have kept them in Alola. At least there was no interruptions.

Episode was fun. I enjoyed seeing the small battles between all the gang. Swear Ash is OP though. None of his Z-moves have failed.

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And this makes the SECOND Mega-Gyarados Pikachu's defeated. Can't stop out little lightning powerhouse Mega/Pseudo/Legendary Slayer. <3


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I did think Aether might happen after Kanto because of the Aether Paradise visit happening after Akala in game, but I didn't want to say anything because their was no proof only speculation.


Well...I called the appearance of the Aether Foundation, but TR going to Kanto was literally pointless. ugh


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Jigglypuff following the gang to Alola is fantastic.

Fun episode with two good battles. Although I love how Steelix shruged off the Z-move and Gyarados fainted straight away. Ash and Pikachu have a lot more experience battling granted.