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Gym Leader's Pokémon - - FACE OFF!

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I know, I know..
Gym Leader's Pokémon - - FACE OFF!

Approved by MondoTR.


1. You may vote once per round.

2. If the round carries over to another day, you will be not able to vote in the same round, even if it's the next day.

3. DO NOT KEEP SCORE. This is one of my extreme pet-peeves, and you absolutely MUST NOT post the score in any shape or form.

4. Commentary is welcome, as long as you follow the Serebiifourms.com rules. If you need to read them, please click the the button on the top right of this very screen.

5. Please refrain from using Japanese names. If you'd like to use them, you'll have to put the English ones with it.

6. All match-ups are RANDOM. Please don't complain that your two favorites are fighting each-other.

7. Enjoy the game, and don't discourage others from voting.

[3 warnings, and you don't get to vote anymore, and are reported to a mod]
Munchy - 2
~Flareon~ - 1
AngelLatias - 1
Charem - 1
Kikas123 - 1
Barabu Zenigame - 1
4th Generation Master - 1
WaterDragon trainer - 1
Lebonaire - 1
Blaze Dragon - 1
Politoed Fanatic - 1

FINALS: [12/12]
Roxanne's Steelix
Tate's Solrock
Liza's Lunatone
Juan's Lapras
Falkner's Pidgeot
Morty's Misdreavus
Clair's Dragonair
Clair's Kingdra
Giovanni's Nidoking
Misty's Starmie
Blaine's Ninetales
Sabrina's Espeon

Now, onto the game!


We are now in the finals. Here is the cast.

Sprites thanks to Pokesho.
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I'm more of an old schooler , even though Steelix is one of my favorite Johtos. Golem is just... so darn cool with... giant rock torso.


Well-Known Member
First off, neat idea, Staryu.

.. and I'll vote for Steelix.


I know, I know..
First off, neat idea, Staryu.
Why thank you. Mondo told me it has been done before, but has been unsuccessful..so I'm trying to make it original, so it will last, and finish.

Steelix - 7
Golem - 2

Golem has been eliminated. The first post has been edited.

Brawly's Pokémon Face Off: Round 1

Brawly's Hariyama VS Hitmontop


You may now vote. Voting is once per round =)
My Vote: Hitmontop

AJ Flibble

Hitmontop. He's cool, and Hariyama sorta tried to pull off the bulky-Fighter look that only works with Machamp IMO.


LeedsUnited Forever

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
Hitmontop. Its cool...

Latios Trainer

Guardian of Altomare
Hitmontop!!! Hariyama needs to quit eating donuts


Coal Trainer
I vote for Brawly's Hariyama.
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