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Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by ellie, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Naemeria

    Naemeria Pokémon Breeder

    That is the Dream World (within white/black) you're thinking about, not the Dream Radar (different game)
  2. devilmonkey

    devilmonkey ROWROWFightDaPOWAH

    Is it possible to catch a legendary Pokemon in Gen 6 without 3 perfect IVs? I just got a Kyogre, apparently caught in the Cave of Origin, but it only has one Perfect IV (in Sp.A. It's also Modest).

    Another interesting thing: it's got the optimal spread for hidden power ground.
  3. Imponderabls

    Imponderabls Trainer/Spy

    I have a feeling this Pokemon is hacked, but I should check it anyway, so here it is.

    Pokemon Species: Darkrai
    Nickname: something Korean I can't type
    OT: More Korean
    OT Gender: white
    IDno: 45571
    Shiny?: Yes
    EV's: scattered, no specific EV training
    IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Nature: Timid
    Characteristic: Takes plenty of Siestas
    Ability: Bad Dreams
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Dream Eater, Phantom Force, Dark Void
    Level Met: 50
    Current Level: 100
    Stats: 297 HP/225 Atk/238 Def/326 SAtk/239 SDef/325 Spd
    Location Met: Pokemon Movie 14
    Egg?: No
    Pokeball Caught In: Cherish Ball
    Any other notes?: Apparently a fateful encounter. Also, this was received through the GTS in exchange for a Mareep. (He was requesting a shiny, you see.) Has the Hoenn Champion Ribbon.
  4. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Event Collector

    badly hacked. event darkrais cannot be shiny so it was clearly made shiny through powersaves then ribbon was hacked off to be traded through gts.
  5. Imponderabls

    Imponderabls Trainer/Spy

    All right, then. At least that's one more Pokedex entry down.
  6. ho-oh tajra

    ho-oh tajra Brazilian Trainer

    All legendary pokémon will have at least 3 perfect IVs, are you sure your Kyogre isn't from gen 3 Sapphire's Cave of Origin?
  7. Naemeria

    Naemeria Pokémon Breeder

    That'd be a hack if it has the blue pentagon, since 3 perfect IVs are the minimum.
  8. Captainrex717

    Captainrex717 Member

    Hello. I have a darkrai that looks to be PERFECT. And i want to be sure it is not hacked. This is the info on it:

    Speicies: darkrai.

    Name: Darkrai

    OT: Almia

    ID: 03208

    No gender.

    not shiny.

    EV's unknown.

    6 Iv's (pretty nice huh?)

    Nature: Naive

    Characteristics: Somewhat Vain.

    Abiliity: Bad dreams.

    1: D. Pulse
    2: D. eater.
    3: D. Void.
    4: Ice Beam (gonna change it soon)
    (note all moves aside from D. void were taught myself)

    Level caught at: I'm not sure, got it in a trade on my X a while back.

    HP: 309
    Att: 237
    Def: 234
    Sp.A: 323
    Sp.D: 207
    Spe: 345

    Current level: 100 (trained it)

    Location caught: Fateful encounter.

    Pokeball caught in: Pokeball.

    Other notes: i wouldn't think a darkrai would have THIS high of stats, so i THINK it might be hacked. My little brother told me you guys would figure it out :). (even though i like pokemon, Iv'e never been interested in the forums before, so I'm a noob to this place)

    Thanks :)
  9. FlameWolf

    FlameWolf New Member

    Pokemon Species: Manaphy
    Nickname: Manaphy
    OT Gender: White
    IDno: 37604
    Shiny?: Yes
    IV's: (if known) 0 - 30 / 0 - 30 / 0 - 30 / 0 - 30 / 30 / 0 - 30
    EV's: (if known) None?
    Nature: Hardy
    Characteristic: Strong willed
    Ability: Hydration
    Moves: Tail Glow/Bubble/Water Sport
    Level Caught at: 1
    Current Level: 1
    HP: 13
    Attack: 7
    Defense: 7
    Sp. Atk.: 7
    Sp. Def.: 7
    Speed: 7
    Location Caught: Sinnoh; "A fateful encounter seems to have led it across both space and time to reach you from the Sinnoh region."
    Egg?: Unknown
    Pokeball Caught In: Pokeball
    Any other notes?: None

    I think it's a possible hack as no pokemon can have a 7 in every stat category? But, again, thank you for your help!
  10. SpiredMoth

    SpiredMoth HA Merchant

    Math works out fine regardless of EVs and IVs because of the neutral nature. I even triple checked my results using the calculator on the main site.
  11. FlameWolf

    FlameWolf New Member

    Thank you so much for your help! So this is a legit shiny... :)
  12. Reisuke

    Reisuke Apparently i died

    Pokemon species: empoleon
    Nickname: etienne
    OT: Scott
    OT gender: white
    IDno: 20390
    Shiny?: yes
    IV's: 6IV
    EV's: 252 hp 252 sp atk 4 speed
    Nature: modest
    Characteristic: takes plenty of siestas
    Ability: defiant
    Moves: hydro pump/flash cannon/grass knot/ice beam
    Level caught at: 1
    Current level: 50
    190 hp
    95 atk
    108 def
    179 sp atk
    121 sp def
    81 speed
    Location caught at: hoenn: the battle resort
    Egg: yes
    Pokeball caught in: pokeball
    Any other notes: got this from wonder trade a few minutes ago. I'm pretty sure it's a hack but there might be chance it's not right?
  13. Naemeria

    Naemeria Pokémon Breeder

    I guess the HP EVs are 248, since otherwise 190 HP is impossible.

    Other than that, unless the OT/ID combination is that of a known hacker, one cannot say whether this Empoleon is a hack or legit. It's like Shrodinger's Empoleon.
  14. cannibaleyes

    cannibaleyes Holier Than Thou

    Just because thee stats are possible doesn't necessarily mean it's a legit shiny...

    Looks like a Ranger Manaphy, though, which is the one kind that can be shiny. However, the only chance for it being shiny is if it was traded to another cartridge before it was hatched, so it's pretty unlikely for it to legitimately be shiny unless the person RNGed it. It's possible, but honestly fairly unlikely. It doesn't have any 31 IVs, and honestly the people with the skill and balls to RNG a shiny Manaphy would probably not waste their time just going for just shininess.

    It's legal from the info given. Could be RNGed, could be hacked; either way, it's at least legal assuming it's from Sinnoh/Johto.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2015
  15. FlameWolf

    FlameWolf New Member

    I see, but then would there be a possibility it could be a hack since there's not a single 31iv?
  16. cannibaleyes

    cannibaleyes Holier Than Thou

    Unless you know for sure it's not hacked, there's always a possibility that it could be hacked.
  17. Captainrex717

    Captainrex717 Member

    Thanks man. Really appreciate it.
  18. vvaver

    vvaver New Member

    Hello everybody.
    I received a mew from my friend but I´m kinda unsure if it´s hacked or not. Can you please check it for me ?

    Pokemon Species: Mew
    Nickname: Mew
    IDno: 61670
    Shiny?: Yes
    EV's: zero, appears to be untouched
    Nature: Timid
    Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
    Ability: Synchronize
    Moves: Pound / Transform
    Level Caught at: 10
    Current Level: 10
    Stats: HP 43 / 25 ATK / 28 DEF SATK SDEF / 30 SPD
    Location Caught: "A fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach Kalos from Hoenn Region"
    Egg?: No
    Pokeball Caught In: pokeball
    Any other notes?: I got from my friend, but it got really good ivs and nature, aside from the fact it is shiny; making me kind of dubious. Just wanted to make sure it´s not hacked. Thank you.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
  19. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Event Collector

    hacked, mystery mew cannot be shiny. it was changed to be shiny cause the id was wrong and ivs were edited
  20. vvaver

    vvaver New Member

    I thought so. It was way to good to not be hacked. Thank you very much.

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