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Hacked Palkia :-(


Blessed with evil
I just got a hacked shiny Latios from GTS and I thought it would mess up my game too, but nothing has happend to my game yet.

i think you should just put it back on the GTS and get some thing that you want for it!

You're totally right! Ask for a Manaphy! =D


Release it.


Scizor is my Bishie
Hacked pokemon don't mess up your game, unless you hacked them wrong. If you suck at hacking then release it.


I think the only thing you'de have to worry about, besides morals is Live events and the new wii game. I think they can tell if you have the HAX on both accounts.


Toon link
Well i'd release it, Once i got traded a hacked pokemon at the 10th aniversy and i released it as fast as i could.