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Hail to the Chef (418)


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Hail to the Chef

Enroute to Saffron City, Ash & Co. meet up with a couple of sisters who are participating in a cook-off with their hired Pokémon Mr. Mime & Sneasel for the cooking. The contest is to see who will take other their father's restaurant. Ash & Co. decide to help out one sister while Team Rocket help out the other. Who will win?

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bored out of my wits
THIS I gotta see, if I own a restaurant, sneasel would be my star chef, but Mr. Mime would be my back-up chef and organiser.

on topic: could get intense in this episode, brock could get the day off of cooking, and munchlax could eat the whole restaurants out of biz IMO


Izit cuz I is black?
Sneasel wouldn't be too good in a restaurant, actually... he doesn't have the best hands for handling food...


bored out of my wits
true, but mr. mime would cater it and help with the organising, sneasel woldn't be able to, but maybe if their jobs were reversed (sneasel has mr. mime's job and vice versa), then it could work out.

back on topic: I bet mr. mime's assistants will be ash's co. and t.r. might have their eye on sneasel for its speed

ghost master

the kawaiist thing
* Gonbe escapes from its Pokéball and goes for the food by itself, again. [This is a plot device for getting them to the Mr. Mime (Toran's) Restaurant.]
* Nyarth scares a human by speaking, again.
* Nyarth is highly insulted by Nyula.
* Musashi thinks about getting Nyula...
From Zhen Li.
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Blaziken master

Looks like meowth does quite a lot then and sneasel.At least one underused pokemon is in it.


Yeah, ok!
Well if you remember, Jessie really wanted to capture a Sneasel back in "Pop goes the Sneasel." They even went as far as showing a dream sequence with Sneasel replacing Meowth in the motto.

Of course that Sneasel was eventually captured by Harrison, but Jessie wanted one way back then.


Plain Trainer
This looks like an interesting episode. I can't wait for someone to post a summary. Sneasel would be good for chopping and Mr. Minme could serve many tables at once with Psychic or Confusion attacks. (lol)

ghost master

the kawaiist thing
ok I've seen the pics. Pretty much TR comes across a sneasel and a trainer. Ash and co. come across a Mr.mime and a trainer. The trainers of the two pokemon are sisters and they both own a restaurant. The sisters compete to see whos restaurant is better. Ash and Co. admire the cooking and Brock tries out the food and what not. Jessie wants the Sneasel. J&J suck up to Sneasel as much as possible even making an ice sculpture of sneasel. Meowth however is jealous and dislikes it. Probally because J&J tried replacing him for a Sneasel in Johto. Sneasel also doesnt care about what TR is doing. Sneasel plays pranks with the food that TR tries such as making the food extra spicy. In the end TR tries stealing Sneasel and Mr. Mime. Then the old water and fire combo hits TR and then the thunderbolt to finish it off. All pokemon are saved. The sisters stop competing and Mr. Mime and Sneasel become friends. Ash and Co. is seen walking off.


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ghost master said:
Musashi thinks about getting Nyula...

So sneasel for Jessie is like chimecho for James... he got his wish, it'll be interesting to see if she ever gets hers. However, I doubt this desire of hers will become a recurrence in the anime... probably just a passing thought.

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Seen the pictures. Was this episode done by the same team that did the Scott and the Battle Frontier and Kingdom of Onix episodes? Looked like the same people. That team's been doing quite a few episodes lately. Why can't we get the team that did Sky High Gym Battle back?

Anyway, I liked the way Sneasel was drawn in this episode, unfortunately no Manyula, though. There'll be one eventually, though, we can be sure of that:)

I'm glad there was reference to "Pop Goes the Sneasel" in this, in the fact that Jessie remembers her fondness of Sneasel. Maybe the writers haven't forgotten everything, after all...

Anyway, I actually thought this episode was pretty good, lots of good animation and a 'cornucopia' of funny expressions and scenes. Meowth's feud with Sneasel was funny, and Brock got a somewhat decent part. Hope that we'll see some more filler episodes like this.

~Bulby ;001;


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
What's interesting is that Mr. Mime is used to cooking with his psychic powers, and Sneasel is used to chopping things up with his claws.
Well, at the cook-off, they cannot use anything to their advantage and have to cut everything by hand, etc.
Oh and Jessie tries to makeup Sneasel...I don't know why...

Anywhays, this episode actually doesn't look too bad. I'll have to view the actual episode to find that out, though.


Seen the episode. It was pretty good actually, and May looked extra cute in this episode. o_o Okay, some points.

-Gonbe pops out of it's Pokeball, and is followed by some 'crazy' and 'funny' music and it leads the Gang to Toran's Resturant.

-Shuu appears in this episode. Well, not quiet. But May does envision him, and his face pops up against a black background.

-Team Rocket comes across Resu's place by themselves, and there's a rather funny moment where James and Meowth are rushing towards the door, before Jessie reminds them they are poor (I believe.) and in shock they smash right against the door, heh. XD

-Resu greets them and invites them in. She's my favorite of the two sisters. ^_^

-Sneasel stands there leaning against a counter while TR and Resu are talking.

-Meowth shocks Resu when talking, and is scared, before Jessie tells her that she is a 'Top Coordinator' which instantly brings her rushing forward in admiration. XD

-Meowth HATES Sneasel, and Sneasel hates it right back. Even to the point of making Meowth's food taste disgusting, while Jessie and James' remain delicious.

-As a matter of fact, Sneasel's food IS delicious. There are many cute and funny faces made after eating the food, which are just plain adorable.

-On the other hand, while Mr. Mime puts on a good show, it's food is disgusting.

-Brock has a date fantasy about Toran. They're drinking milk. ._.

-Gonbe sucks.

-Some crap happens, the two sisters meet up again, things are discussed. A cooking challenge is made. TR help Resu while the twerps help Toran.

Actually, make that Brock. For the first time in a long time, Brock does something. He actually DOES SOMETHING. In this case, he stays up all night and teaches Mr. Mime how to cook. He's a kind, but tough master.

-By the way, the thing about Jessie thinking about getting Sneasel? I do believe that was just her telling James that they were going to steal Sneasel, Mr Mime and Pikachu. -_-

-While TR are helping Sneasel's fashion and Putting-On-A-Show technqiue. We see Jessie with a huge block of ice, (Heh, she sure loves them. XD) and tells Sneasel to make a statue out of it. Hilariously, it does, and it stands proud for all to see... until the camera pans back and we see how damned small it is. XD James has a magnefying glass. XD

-The event begins. Brock and Meowth are... judging? Or at least representing the two sides. We see some interaction between Brock and Meowth, as Meowth shouts encouragement to Mr. Mime, and Brock stops him, and tells him not to, or something.

-Of course, eventually, TR reveal their plan and they capture Sneasel, Mr. Mime and Pikachu. Funnily enough, they're doing the motto, but stop when Meowth doesn't say his line. XD They have to encourage him to go along with the plan. I believe Meowth wanted to see the cook-challenge finished fairly or something.

Combusken and Mudkip do a combination Fire Spin and Water Gun. That's... what? 4 episodes in a row now that Mudkip has been used? o__o
-Blah Blah, Toran and Mr Mime saves the day. Resu is still hotter. -_-

-Resu tells Toran she can have the resturant that the father is passing down, and walks away. Toran tells her to stop and that they can run it together as a team. We then see a scene of the gang going crazy over the food, which includes Ash firing some form of beam (?!) out of his mouth, and May actually being inside Max's mouth. XD (Well, Max is talking, then May is inside, and it zooms in on her. She looks really cute here.)

-Sneasel roughly pulls Mr. Mime towards him. Poor little dude pretends to like Sneasel, but Resu and Sneasel's obvious greatness make him jealous. :p

Like I said, good episode.


Rainbow Trainer
I have seen the episode.
Pros: Funny faces, Ai Shimizu, good Max & Brock scenes, Mr. Mime uses Trick, good music, funny TR motto, the weird attack combo fails this time (Fire Spin + Water Gun), Balloon does not explode (sneasel tears it)
Cons: Medium level animation, bad plot, almost no action, characters of the day got too much attention and the main characters too little (I think even TR get more screen time than Ash & Co... wait, that is a good thing).


Um, the Characters of the Day deserve the attention, considering the Main Characters are in every episode. ._.

Resu needs more attention, not less. More NAKED attention, actually.


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Super Mod
For some reason I find it extremely annoying that there's always that "Pika!" sound after Ash says the title now (Okay, it has only been in two episodes so far, but I have a feeling they want to continue doing that).
While I liked this episode overall (plot-wise and such), most of my favorite parts were random, "unimportant" things.

I liiiiiike it when two people (Reesu and Toran in this case) are arguing while in the background, regardless from that, two Pokémon (Sneasel and Meowth) are attacking each other. Dunno how to explain that. They made the same thing with Skitty and Corphish in the Tag Battle episode, heh =D

That small piece of music that played when Toran asks Brock to teach Mr. Mime how to cook...was that ever released on a CD? It's very short and so on, but I like it..

Ugh...was that Pokémon Hara Hara blah blah blah... that played during the cook-off? Me doesn't like that song. Well, but it's also a plus that they have some variation with the music.

Jessie...has a whip? Uh, cool XD

The Advance Adventure tune returns :D Yay.

Well, I liked the previous episode better, but this one was also quite good.


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Alfonso said:
Um, the Characters of the Day deserve the attention, considering the Main Characters are in every episode. ._.

Resu needs more attention, not less. More NAKED attention, actually.
Indeed. *cough* >.>

Eh, while not actually having seen the episode yet, I must say I'm liking what I hear. Just the fact that Takeshi actually does something raises my opinion by default, and when you throw in some comedy, a semi-original plot, and two cute sisters, I'm quite looking foreward to this one.
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Team Rocket Admin

Well-Known Member
Once again Mudkip does something. The writers are on a roll :woo: I like the part when Sneasel is whistling, and cleaning that frying pan. It reminds me of one of my Pink Panther cartoons.


It wasn't that bad of a filler, I enjoy cooking, so it was kind of cool for me. Not to mention that Sneasel and Mr.Mime are some of my favorite Pokemon!