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Hail to the Chef (418)


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Nice Episode, i think that Sneasel was my favorite..i never really liked Mr.mime


Great episode. i loved Sneasel.

Especially i loved the rivalry of Sneasel vs Meowth, it was very funny.

and the two sisters were nice.



I dislike the early Kanto Battle Frontier fillers, but this one was an exception since it was actually good. A rivalry between restaurants was a new twist, but the Pokemon involved didn't seem to be the chef type so that was a little confusing. At least we got a Mr. Mime that didn't belong to Delia and a cool Sneasel out of the deal. I liked the two female character's outfits a lot for some reason; they just looked spiffy. Overall, it was pretty good for a filler. 6/10.
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This episode was great and that Sneasel was awersome. It's about time someone stood up to that good-for-nothing Meowth and told him some home truths including the part about him being a disgrace to all pokemon.

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This was a so and so episode, not too good but not too bad either. It was funny how Sneasel sabotaged the food on purpose. I don't know why the sister in black cooking outfit (Rhonda?) was the one leaving, I guess because she lost but still I would prefer food to taste better and not care much about appearance, it was nice they become co managers.
Meowth has had some horrible experiences with Sneasels, hasn't he? Love to see how he'd react to a Weavile...

He's had bad experiences with them before? When was this?
I would also like to see how he'd react to a Weavile. A Weavile would freaking kill Meowth if they ever came to blows.

Mr. Mime isn't one of my favorite Pokemon, but it was cool to see one if the show again. Also, like a few others have said, Sneasel is better than Mr. Mime. One of my favorite Johto(?) Pokemon.

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Excellent episode... loved the squabble between Meowth and Sneasel


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This episode was ok... The rivalry between the 2 sisters was really cool. It was cool to see Sneasel and Mr. Mime cooking exactly like chefs in this episode. Mr Mime used Psychic to mix the food, and Sneazel using its claws for chopping. Sneasel was by far the better chef. Sneasel and Meowth definitely really hated each other.



The twin rivalry and Meowth's rivalry made this episode enjoyable. Of course, they had to blast Team Rocket off to maintain the status quo but that's to be expected I suppose.

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This was a pretty good filler. It was pretty enjoyable, especially with the sister rivalry and the little Meowth and Sneasal rivalry.
It's nice to see a Mr. Mime on the show that doesn't belong to Ash's mom once in a while.


Brock's imagined date scene when he met Rhonda made me giggle. I also liked that Meowth didn't like Rhoda's Sneasel; neither did I tbh. I liked that Brock started overseeing Mr. Mime's cooking; at least he was in his element. TR giving Sneasel a makeover was funny, and I liked the cooking competition until Team Rocket put their plan into action.


I liked the 2 restaurants and the girls who owned Sneasel and Mr. Mime had great designs. Meowth's childish rivalry with Sneasel was entertaining too. 7.5/10


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Oh well Meowth, you'll get your revenge outcooking a Sneasel three regions later (come to think about it how poetic is that?). XD

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I liked seeing two restaurants in the same building and how Meowth's old rivalry with Sneasel was shown again hee hee. Brock showing Mr Mime better cooking techniques was fun and I liked the cook-off. :3


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I liked seeing two restaurants in the same building and how Meowth's old rivalry with Sneasel was shown again hee hee. Brock showing Mr Mime better cooking techniques was fun and I liked the cook-off. :3

He does make a habit of this doesn't he?

I suppose it's fitting. I get the feeling if Sneazel had been Gen 1 it would have beat Meowth as the ideal Team Rocket mascot.
The Sneasel here had all the best gags. It purposely screwed up Meowth's meal to have the last laugh lol. Then of course Mr. Mime's meal looked great, but tasted horrible. :p


A funny episode at least. Especially the hatred between Sneasel and Meowth, though there wasn't much to write home about. The fillers between Noland and Greta were so lackluster.