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I have so far made a rain dance / sunny day / Sandstorm team and now it’s time for a Hailstorm team. You know me I’m trying to make these sort of teams and then train them up so I’m posting these now since I’m going on holiday soon and probably won’t have a computer and need to post these now so I can train up these teams while I get bored.


Timid 252 spd / 252 sp.atk / 6 atk
-Leech Seed

My lead we all know what it does.


Bold 252 def / 252 hp / 6 sp.atk
-Sleep Talk
-Charge Beam

I replaced Regice for cresselia to help against infernape. Charge Beam for Gyarados and since my team had so many ice type moves i didn't bother giving it any since i need Psychic.


Trait: Ice Body
Bold 252 hp / 252 def / 6 sp.def

Well i already had donphan and my team didn't start to look like a hail team so i put walrein back in there. It's basically a staller with the hail going on. Poison them then protect or substitute and repeat.


Heatren@Choice Specs
Trait: Flash Fire
Modest 252 sp.atk / 56 hp / 200 spd
-Dragon Pulse
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power [Electric]

I took out houndoom for this since it also has flash fire and works better on the team. Earthpower for things like Infernape who hurt me and hidden power electric for Gyarados.


Impish 252 hp / 252 def / 6 atk
-Ice Shard
-Stealth Rock
-Rapid Spin

My team needed somthing that could switch into stealth rock and rapid spin it away so here it is the amazing donphan.


Weavile@Choice Band
Jolly 252 atk / 216 spd / 40 hp
-Ice Punch
-Brick Break
-Night Slash

My team needed something physical and here It is. I don’t know if I should go with Expert Belt or not but it seems ok with a Choice Band. Pursuit helps against things like azelf. Ice Punch to hurt dragons. Brick Break to hurt some things like Tyranitar or even another weavile if it trys to make use of the hailstorm. Night Slash for a nice stab attack.

There is my team hope it’s good and hope you can rate it well. Only post if you know what your talking about and thanks to poke beach for the pictures.

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(ノ@皿@)ノ ~ lolwut?
I'd go with TB for ice cuz of gara w/ SE.


(ノ@皿@)ノ ~ lolwut?
Lol what are you saying?

Edit: Wait do you mean i should go with thunderbolt on regice for gyarados? then with ?

lol sorry was in a rush so had to abbreviate everything. I said you should put thunderbolt on Regice because of Gyarados's with Dragon Dance+Stone Edge/Ice Fang which CAN screw your team over.



DD+IceFang 2HKOs


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If you where in a rush you could of posted later on in the day lol.

Ok i will go thunder bolt > Seismic Toss since seismic toss is there for raikou subs.

Are there any more suggestions? Also i think this is a good team like my sunny day / rain dance team. :D


Dear, I'll Stay Gold
Mixluke weak.

- Close Combat
- HP [Ice]
- who cares
- who cares

beats team.

I will say that your Walrein makes me want to top myself every time I battle one, so kudos there.


Steadfast. I do.
Your Houndoom has very low sweeping capabilities. What with Hail running around, Life Orb and a turn for Nasty Plot, you'll won't be racking up a lot of kills.

Heatran and Mixape weak. Ice Punch Metagross presents a problem. As does Snorlax. And Electivire.
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You know that any pokemon that knows a Fighting and an Ice attack and has decent speed would just massacre this team, don't you?


The Nose of Doom
Bullet Punch and Mach Punches will be damn painful aswell -_-


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Stop being [Mix] Infernape weak and add restalk cresselia, that and I don't like how your special wall is SR weak and you have no solid recovery move outside of restalk or a rapid spinner.

You really should consider a rapid spinner considering that these guys are weak to SR:


Put a rapid spinner over Walrein or something. You could also decrease your SR weak by switching Houndoom with Heatran if it's only flash fire you want.
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Donphan is going to help the Rock/SR weak.


Pursuit can knock out Cresselias, Starmies and other things if not careful.

Blizzard can work if you need power, but I just like Ice Beam's PP.


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Maybe not on wifi where having a good cresselia is hard, but with HP [fight] I'm assuming that Alzi is doing this on shoddy.
(IHMO you should replace Regice, I don't like legendaries.)

Your Gliscor is excellent.
For Weavile, I would replace Pursuit with something, it has it's own purpose but I don't think it's very useful. Swords Dance, perhaps?


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Lol so when i bump my other team threads no one post and when the forum lags for almost all half the day i get 11 replies. lol?

Ok now time to respond to every one.


I see well time to do some edit some things.

@Steadfast Contestshipper

Well i wanted somthing that could absorb fire attacks but i'll go with Heatran as kairyu_trainer suggested so Heatran > Houndoom.

@eevee general

Well yes that is just stating the obvious. I just wanted to make most the team members ice type to take advantage of the hail.


That is why i added in Gliscor.


Ok Donphan > Walrein and Heatren > Houndoom. Stupid Infernape lol i seriously don't like it. Also i'm going to go Cresselia > Regice. Without you Kairyu_trainer my teams would be crapy.

@Raito Light

Donphan it is then.


I like Pursuit there and I don't need aerial ace since gliscor has it and i only really need it for Heracross / Breloom. And also blizzard accuarcy becomes 100% so i went with it for more power.


Yeah i'm replacing it for cresselia to help me from infernape.

Thanks for all your suggestions now i'm going to edit the first page and tell me if it's improved or gotten worse.

Also kairyu_trainer i don't have shoddy but i think i might download it since i need some taste of how it feels like to battle. I aslo do not have wifi or any of those things. I am getting all those probaly next year since as i said near the end of November i'm going on holidays and i'm posting these teams so when i have nothing to do while i am there i will be training these teams up to use on wifi.

Edit: Ok i edited the first page what do you guys think now? But now i only have 2 pokemon that like the hail. :(
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< Guess who's back?
My lead we all know what it does.

Yeah it (gives Hail and) dies. Scarf Sweeping is the only way to go with it imo. The team doesn't really make good use of the hail anyway, you could consider Mamoswine > Donphan but SR is a pain too.
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Hmm this team was harder to make then my sunny day team was. I could play the old switcheroo game with Abomasnow. Well theres not that many ice types around but would lapras or cloyster help?

Since i atleast want one more ice type in the team. Cloyster can rapid spin but will suck at switching in on stealth rock and lapras is :/


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It doesn't even look like a hail team anymore. It looks like a regular team with Abomasnow added to hinder them.