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HakuBlue's Simple PAINT Doodles


Up and away
Well, yeah I'm back, and here's this pic I did some days ago. I know the coloring is kinda light and simple, but I think it kinda goes with her. (That and I suck at shading on PAINT, I miss my PS ;-;). The same reason goes for backgrounds, I'm just terrible at those .Maybe I will add her a dress sometime and even a background, but that won't be soon since I'm also working on other "doodles"

Anywho, here she is :


Please, don't just look and not post. I apreciate any comments and crits, whether they are harsh or nice, and I really do appreciate feedbacks.

Edit: Prototypes for possible shop at Requests section.

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Looks good, Haku. Just try to find your little mistakes and it'll be perfect. The tips of the hair seem to be your problem.


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Nice, Haku. The only flaw I can see is that her eye is too far to her left (our right), so it's slightly too far from the nose. I love how you did the eye though, and the hair. The hat looks slightly off on the bottom bit with the triangles, but only slightly. Overall, very good for a doodle. ^^


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Thank you guys for the comments, I really appreciate it. I'll try to fix the outline, and possibly the hat too.

Now ... 90-ish views and only 3 replies? C'mon people....


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I mean it, this is wonderful! You did a good job with the curving tool! (I think that is what you used?)


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Wow, yay, I got comments! <3

Masumi - I first use the pen for the sketch, and then I do use the curving tool ... 's the best to clean it up a little

Ivymoonrose- I'm really glad you like it ....

Now I present you this:

I'm thinking of opening up a shop with pokemon's faces like in the above. This is just a "prototype" so I want yalls opinions and make up my mind. (it would be transperent though, but right now, I can't be bothered)

Edit: Just here's yours Skru-

Be happeh =P.
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^m^ That's cute! It's very cool. The first one is not too bad, but I realize that you only had one color filling? Try shading it, maybe.



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Guilty. I was going to do some more fancy shading, but then I got side tracked with otehr stuff ^^. As soon as I finish other projects (and if I'm not at school by then) I'll fix it. So um... anyone else have an opinion about the skitteh and if I SHOULD OPEN up a SHOP?


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Well, the hat shading looks odd because at the time I did it, I was in a bit of a rush, so it turned out sloppy/crappy. But, once I have more time, I think I can fix it.




hooray, it's Jetx!
What? Doodles? Naw... These are all really good, my only advice is to make the white area of skitty's eyes a bit more noticible.


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Jetx said:
What? Doodles? Naw... These are all really good, my only advice is to make the white area of skitty's eyes a bit more noticible.

Like so ?:

Um.. and while we're at it, here are some B-day drawings I did for my awesome friends Ushi and Stu.

For Ushi (back when I still had PS)