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Halloween Thread 2011 - Next week, the Christmas thread


aka Lamia
I think this thread may have been made a little too early lol. I think for Halloween I'll just be going to the usual party with some badly done lippy to look bloody. Nothing too extreme. :3


Well-Known Member
I might cut my hair to get a red mohawk OR I can just buy a mask. haha :D


Formerly Torterra14
I'm going to a haunted house that is set in a 100 year old jail and courthouse this year. I went last year and it was great.


filch some swag
So a friend of mine gave me a $100 gift card to Hot Topic and I ended up buying this for my Halloween costume. I think it's adorable other than the annoying glitter that falls off 5 seconds.


I am the king!
Im going to draw stitches over my mouth and wears a surgeons mask (with gloves)


extra toasty
Im going to draw stitches over my mouth and wears a surgeons mask (with gloves)

Wouldn't the stitches go over the mask so you see them, or are you going to draw them on an then cover them up? I'm confused. ><

I'm not going to be home for Halloween next year, and I feel too old to do it anyway, so I want to pick a great costume. I was thinking something Pokémon, but idk. ><


Well-Known Member
I'm probably not going trick or treating this year, since my neighbor moved and I usually went with her and her little brother. (20 year olds just don't get much candy when trick or treating alone :p) But I'm definately dressing up, not sure what I'll be DOING yet though. I'm going to be a rainbow cat. Made a surgical mask and goggles out of beads, just need to make arm and leg fuzzies and a tail and ears and i'll be all done! :D


peepee ding dong
I'm going to order a Steve head and make my own diamond pickaxe and diamond sword out of that hard white cardboard stuff (can't remember the actual name for it).


Well-Known Member
I wasn't considering trying to get a Klingon costume to go to a house party, but I can only find one. It's £116, and doesn't look that great...


I've got an Ezlo hat, so I'm going as Link from Minish Cap. I've had the costume ready ever since my canceled trip to comic-con... but either way, I look like that Link too. Halloween. Set.


Third Wheel in J#+IB
I've decided that I'm now anxious for the Goose bumps starting in October. And I'm going to go as Beavis or Butthead if I can find a mask for them. I got an AC-DC shirt laying around somewhere. Hopefully it's not too cold for shorts; if not, I guess I'll rough it out for the sake of 90's comedy.


Really and truly
Gotta say I'm loving the thread title. It's too damn true...

No Halloween plans as of now. My one friend who always has fun Halloween parties is on the other side of the planet and a lot of my friends hate dressing up. We used to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but we're all a bit tired of that.

I did get a Merlotte's Bar and Grill t-shirt from the series True Blood this weekend, so I can always dress as a waitress/barmaid, or dead waitress/barmaid, or waitress/barmaid with vampire bite marks on my neck. Or Sookie Stackhouse since I'm blond. :p



Well-Known Member
Don't have any plans on costumes as of now. A friend of mine is going to host a Halloween party/sleepover, so that should be fun. He left me in charge of planning activities. So far, the only thing I have is prank-calling Gamestop earlier in the day, complaning about how Super Mario Bros is racist. xD


so AWH-SOME /)^ɛ^(\
Going to wear my Justin Bieber costume......too soon?


litwick ninja
My friend is making a minecraft costume


1 more day ^^
I'm not dressing up because I'm most likely working again DX I hate my work so muc, hopefully I will find a new better job soon. I will get candy though.