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Halo Discussion Thread


Sexy Cowboy
Aren't you just a f***ing ray of sunshine

Anyways. Anybody have any suggestions on new weapon load out combos? I have unlimited sprint, and fast reloading, with Prometheus vision, (has a good effect of you can get it just right to use) just wanting to try new load outs!


The First Pokékid
I'm starting to think that the new Halo is going to be a spin-off instead of a sequel. If it was going to be a sequel, they would have called it "Halo 5" in the teaser. The omission of the "5" makes it questionable. In addition, 343i announced that they have decided to turn the trilogy into a saga. Maybe, a spin-off with just Master Chief and Cortana only. Here's what happens.

Master Chief decides to go on a quest to search for Cortana's lost digital soul, which leads him to the desert. He meets up with a Forerunner god who has the power to restore digital life to the way it was. However, the only way he would grant this is if Master Chief beats it in a duel. The god overwhelms Master Chief until Arbiter shows up to assist John by delivering a critical blow to its head. Master Chief wins. Then, all is good. Cortana comes back with a more ideal figure. They return to Earth, and the story continues in Halo 5.


Turn my Swag on!
I thought it was an ad for the Halo tv show personally. But a spinoff would be cool (as long as it's for 360)