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HAMISHMASH'S FAKEMON - Time and Space Versions


"Just... stuff."

deviantART: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/068-Pengimo-069-Snorkuit-202714073

Pengimo lives in the coldest areas in the world, but it’s feathery mane keeps it warm and snug, even in icy water.

They hide in the snow and are scared of humans after being hunted for their pelts. Chasing one is useless, as they’ll either bury themselves in the snow or hide under the ice.

Snorkuits often are found walking along the sea floor, discovering underground caves, caverns and trenches. They can survive enormous amounts of pressure thanks to their air-filled feather-suit.

BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/wiviron
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/070-Wiviron-202725901

Wiviron swarms can be heard for miles, the sound of their buzzing sounds like their name “wwwwwwiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvviiiiiiirrrrrrr-” and the “OOOOOOOOOOON” part is when they fly past, leaving nothing but dead twigs where once there were forests. They’ve been seen to cause famine in certain parts of the world - but Wiviron need to eat too!

BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/speclion
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/071-Speclion-202956023

Speclion evolves from Kecleon with the Rainbow Stone.

Speclion can change it’s type depending on what enemy it battles and what moves are used against it. If a Pokemon uses a water move against it, it’ll turn into a Fire or Electric type, for example.

Speclion is also rumoured to be able to turn into a new colour which has never existed before, but everyone which sees it turns blind.


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Wowee. I just have to say something to all of this. Love the snails and goats - lovely ideas in there... and if Kalectroid isn't inspired by Daleks I'll eat a hat, good one though, I really like them! The rat is just epic. I love how a lot of them fit into the theme of Time and Space, can't wait to see more!


"Just... stuff."
Yup, Kaletroids were totally inspired by Daleks. :)

Another hint you might not have spotted, is that the Daleks have green squids inside them. If you look... Kalectroid and Kalgae have the same eye... ooooh...
wiviron is an excellent design, based off a locust right? pengimo is adorable too. :3

also dude i feel sorry for you for the amount of retarded questions you get on tumblr. :/


"Just... stuff."
wiviron is an excellent design, based off a locust right? pengimo is adorable too. :3

also dude i feel sorry for you for the amount of retarded questions you get on tumblr. :/
Yeah... there are a big bunch of weirdos. :p

Oooooh~ Nice one! Well I shall definitely be swinging by this thread often :D
Thanks. :)

BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/qwilmace
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/072-Qwilmace-203168017

Qwilmace evolves from the Johto Pokémon, Qwilfish, when trained with the “Anchor” item held, which increases the weight of a Pokemon and gives them the “Sturdy” Ability.

Qwilmace is incredibly poisonous but a bad swimmer. When threatened, it inflates to twice it size and uses its heavy tail to anchor itself in the sea bed, so that it doesn’t drift away. Their tail is also used a powerful weapon.


"Just... stuff."

BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/swatheart
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/073-Swatheart-203439717

Swatheart is the evolved form of Sableye.

Swatheart can live for millennia in hibernation in dark caverns. When they wake up they often find crystals have formed around their limbs.

If they have been living in caves for this long, they are so used to the dim light that in normal sunlight they are blind. However their other senses are so heightened that this disability is unnoticeable.


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Awesome Fakemon :3
keep up the awesomeness
Snorkuit reminds me of Wobbuffet


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I think i'd choose Mowhog cuz I don't like Bobard's evos (just my opinion, idea and art great!) and Magmoth would be dangerous to have around, flaming butt.


Gimmie Kiss ;-]
Qwilmace and Swatheart!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

I'm going to have to rethink my whole party line up given the last dozen or so awesome Pokémon :)

I really like the size comparisons/shiny thing in the Pokédex too. I wish the Pokédex in B/W had that.


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I said I'd swing in again and here I am. Absolutely love Qwilfish's evolution! Can't wait to see what else you have in store :)


"Just... stuff."
Sorry it's been a while, I've had my final uni project to sort out.

Here's some new ones!

YOHO - http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/4866021487/yoho-is-the-ghost-of-a-pokemon-which-died-at-sea
SHIVA - http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/4866021487/yoho-is-the-ghost-of-a-pokemon-which-died-at-sea
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/074-Yoho-075-Shivame-206044492

Yoho is the ghost of a Pokémon which died at sea. They lurk around on foggy nights in the ocean and often rob ships which make the mistake of sailing into the mist.

Shivame is a Pokémon feared across the ocean by water types. It floats across the sea and haunts the spots above sunken ships.

It is in a constant search for “Treasure”. However, scientists have discovered this “Treasure” is actually the remains of it’s body when it was alive.

KOMIT: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/komit
ASTROMIT: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/astromit
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/076-Komit-077-Astromit-207810945

Komit comes from the depths of space. Because space is a vacuum and doesn’t have any sound, they communicate by blinking their multi-coloured lights.

Their body is made from condensed gas. The living creature is actually in the center, as a dense core.

Astromit is made from increadibly dense gas from the depths of space. It swirls around, creating storms in it’s body.

It is so heavy that it often causes objects nearby to begin floating in it’s gravitational field. They are said to be immortal and are one of the largest Pokémon discovered.

CUG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/cug
CUGING: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/cuging

Cug lived thousands of years ago at the times of Fossil Pokémon, but have managed to survive to the present day. They’ve spent thousands of years punching stone walls in order to make their skin as hard as rock.

Cuging has lived for thousands of years, mostly spent training to be the best fighter it can. Despite its body now being as hard as rock, parts of its hair and skin can be seen poking through.

BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/teroralgar
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/080-Teroralgar-207900710
This Pokémon’s teeth are almost half the size of its body and razor sharp. However they can be withdrawn into its gums when swallowing food.

The dark stripes on its body are always black and absorb all light. It is said to use this light in order to run as fast as it does.

COUGHY: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/coughy
STALEMITE: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/stalemite
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/81-Coughy-82-Stalemite-208052969

Coughy is tiny but you can always sense one is in the room as you begin to start coughing. It’s body is made of a super absorbent material which draws in fresh air. It uses the air it intakes to float about and have fun, not really realising everyone in the room is choking.

So while the Pokémon is quite small, don’t underestimate it. It’s “Stale Air” ability means the Pokémon it battles will get the unique “Suffocate” effect, meaning all their stats drop each turn.

Stalemite likes to sleep in attics, slowly drawing in the fresh air of a house and converting it into stuffy air. If they go outside though, there is so much fresh air they can “drown”.

Sometimes families of them are found in old buildings, sleeping in huge mounds. Trainers are often called upon to catch them before old buildings are knocked down.


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I LOVE your art! How do you do it?