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HAMISHMASH'S FAKEMON - Time and Space Versions


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Dyva = Jinxy's evo? :p


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I LOVE your art! How do you do it?
I use Adobe Flash.

dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/83-Gargle-84-Grotesk-209337929
GARGLE: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/gargle
GROTESK: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/grotesk

Stealing its first pot / jug is a rite of passage for young Gargles. Once they’ve acquired their container, they stand on tall buildings and gather rain water in it. They often boil this water to use the SCALD attack. Sometimes they fly above cities pouring water on people, then hide amongst gargoyles when the victim looks up in anger.

Their pots are called “familiars” and if they are broken or lost, Gargles often end their moving life, and live the rest of it frozen still as a statue on churches and other buildings.

When a Gargle evolves into a Grotesk, they lose the pot and instead store water inside themselves. They are said to be able to sit still for centuries, watching cities. It is unsure if they are watching over them in benevolent ways or not, but some say they defend the buildings they lurk in from robbers and other mischief. Grotesk tend to look down on Gargle and their antics.


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Gargle? Grotesk? I could never ever think up such great names! Keep up the graet pictures!


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dA: http://Spune.deviantart.com/art/085-Armeon-209630100
BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/5678293913/if-you-give-eevee-the-heros-gauntlet-it-will

If you give Eevee the Hero’s Gauntlet, it will evolve into an Armeon.

Armeon has two skeletons, an internal and an external. Both are made of incredibly tough metal. It’s internal organs have never been seen, as these skeletons make it impenetrable.

It trains by swimming up rivers. This is also how it keeps its armour shining.

dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/086-Bansheon-209630318
BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/5678482447/if-you-give-eevee-a-villains-bracelet-it-will

If you give Eevee a Villain’s Bracelet, it will evolve into Bansheon.

Nobody knows if Eevee is still alive with it evolves into Bansheon. The flames around Bansheon’s head billows with the sound of moaning souls. When they run across the night, this moaning is said to cause anyone that hears to collapse into an intense, weeping sadness.

Bansheon sometimes stand in the middle of the road to stop cars on dark nights. Little do the drivers know, if they had continued, they would have crashed, or fallen off a cliff.


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Sorry for my rudeness.
These are beast man!

Random Encounter

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All of those are pretty freakin' awesome, Hamishmash! My favorite is... well, I can't decide, but I think the five of those I like best are (in no particular order) Molcowod, Qwilmace, , Astromit, Umbrillard, Buganaut. It was tough to even narrow it down.
But, now I have a question. Have you thought of maybe coming up with stats for these Fakemon? Or even just a simple generalization of the stats? Like the star system used on the official Pokemon website's Pokedex, for example?


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Kalectroids do not accept apologies from humans!

Kalectroids are the superior race!

Kalectroids have no sense of ELEGANCE!

You are superior in only one respect...

...You are better at dying!

Yeah, anything based off of Doctor Who is instant win. Although they really should be Electric/Steel, or even Dark. Either way, still awesome.

Now one of your legendaries needs to be based on the Doctor himself, preferrably with a Normal/Psychic typing in honor of how human, yet completely genius he is. But it needs to be a legendary, because that is the only way that you can truly capture the Doctor's true sense of sheer awesomeness. Give him a bowtie. Bowties are cool. Actually, mix up some traits of numerous Doctors. Give him Smith's bowtie, Eccleston's jacket, Tennant's glasses, and Baker's scarf (out of respect for the old show of course).

This needs to be done just so that I can say "5 million Bisharp, easy. 1 Doctor...now you're scared."

(Bisharp is the closest that I can find to cybermen)

EDIT: Someone had a good suggestion with this. Instead of giving this humanoid legendary certain visual traits of many Doctors, give him only one at a time, but one which switches every time that it faints. For example, say he has David Tennant's glasses at one point. Having him faint and then reviving him might then switch him over to Smith's bowtie :D Thus being a refference to the Doctor's regeneration abilities. Sweet eh!
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Wow! These fakemon are really good! And just like a lot of people here I really like Kalectroid being a Doctor Who fan. I also really like Gargle! I'm definitely gonna check this thread regularly.
are you going to post base stats for the fakemon and/or make sprites? it'd be fun to theorymon up a metagame for this dex. :3


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Thanks so much for all the comments. I didn't realise I'd got so many, I don't check this forum that often. :)

I'll just answer some of the common questions:

For this region I will leaving everything as is, not doing any more stats or sprites or anything but I will be working on a new region almost straight after and I'll be spending a bit more time on designing them and making them have stats and everything.

Also glad people liked the Dalek-pokemon. I didn't want to make it TOO obvious... it's subtle enough for fans to appreciate it and people with no clue to still think it's cool.

Here's some new stuff. :)

some attempts at the official "art style" from the games

BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/wimple
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/087-Wimple-209908433

Wimple is a worshipper of the Legendary Pokémon, Ghizero. They believe it to be the true master of Earth and are preparing his arrival.

Wimple look down on Scapula who worship Ghozeon. The differences between the two biologically are minute. They are even descended from the same common ancestor. And in fact, their dedication to their beliefs are also almost identical. But both are stubborn and can only see the small differences.

BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/scapula
dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/088-Scapula-209908553

Scapula is a worshipper of the Legendary Pokémon, Ghozeon. They believe it to be the true master of Earth and are preparing his arrival.

Scapula and Wimple both claim the same ruins to be the landing place of their Legendary Pokémon. This has caused several Scapula / Wimple wars. They are ruthless warriors, yet claim to care more about peace and love. However this seems to only be peace and love for their own kinds.

dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/089-Tectanik-211251092
blog: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/tectanik

Tectanik is a Water/Fire type but also has a number of Rock moves.

It lives deep at the lowest points of the ocean and pumps out boiling water to move about. Out of water, it turns upside down and propels itself using a fiery jet.

They were once used by an ancient civilisation to heat houses and warm baths. However they grew in such a number that they organised a revolution and over through the civilisation with a unified eruption. Since then, they have had a pseudo-legendary status and have been respected and left alone.

dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/The-Legendary-Phantoms-211684117
Mortein - http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/6180517265/mortein-is-one-of-the-legendary-phantoms-of
Ezuwei - http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/6180738222/ezuwei-is-one-of-the-legendary-phantoms-of-urion
Belludrei - http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/6181001066/belludrei-is-one-of-the-legendary-phantoms-of
Morbier - http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/6181132798/morbier-is-one-of-the-legendary-pokemon-of-urion

The Legendary Phantoms once ruled Earth during a time of chaos but were defeated by a Legendary trainer.

But now Earth has cheated death, and the Phantoms are returning from out of the darkness to bring an end to what they started... the Apocalypse.

Can a new Legendary trainer come forward to stop them?

dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/094-Blancocero-212415320
BLOG: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/post/6359732798/blancocero-is-a-legendary-bird-said-to-have-risen

Blancocero is a legendary bird said to have risen from the ashes of a great battle between Ho’oh and Lugia.

If trained correctly, it can perform a ritual and evolve into either Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres. A few levels before it evolves, it fans out it’s long tail revealing which legendary bird it is going to evolve into. During this time you can train it to make it evolve into something else but it is quite tricky. The evolution depends on very specific stat differences.

dA: http://spune.deviantart.com/art/095-Dafoo-097-Nagazhou-212860663
Blog: http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/dafoo / http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/zhouhoo / http://urionpokedex.tumblr.com/tagged/nagazhou

They are said to hail from the clouds above a distant land and the sound of their bell chiming causes people to rejoice and celebrate. They like to bounce on the ground in order to bang their big bellies like a festival drum.

They are always in a happy mood.

It floats through the hair bringing a party atmosphere to where ever it appears. It’s trainers are said to always have a feeling of warmth about them. It is because of this they have been highly treasured and now hide in the clouds away from humanity.

Nagazhou was once worshipped as the God of Celebration. People of an ancient civilization used sacrifice people to it. This brought great rage to Nagazhou and it wiped the civilization out. An annual festival is now held in order to apologise.

Charity is one of the Gym Leaders of Urion, but also a part time investigative journalist. She’s been investigating the mysterious Team Vortex for a while, but been distracted by the oil spill disaster in her home town, Munch City.

Luckily, the beach was only home to the poison-type Pokémon Grull which are loving the accident, but there is darker forces at work. She agrees to challenge you to a Gym Battle as long as you help her investigate the oil tanker’s beached ship wreck. Inside you find many poison and ghost types… but also Team Vortex. What caused the wreck? Was it them? Or was it the mysterious Legendary Pokémon they are determined to catch?
Very nice new pokemon! Blancocero is an amazing idea, it really shows how the legendary birds are connected. And I LOVE the fire/water type it's a very difficult dual type to make, but you pulled it off very well. Your artwork is amazing!