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Hand drawn art


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This is the gallery of Pikadude's art


First up is a hand drawn Shaymin


Next is a hand drawn Mudkip

That is all so far but please do return soon

p.s sorry for the bad picture quality
Hm... They are pretty cute, but there are some problems..

For one thing, the top of Shaymin's fur (near the front) looks a bit odd. Maybe you should lower the height of it.. And the face isn't perfect, but it'll pass for now.

Mudkip looks better, but the eyes are too close together. They should be more farther apart.. And the fin at the top of it's head is too sideways, but maybe it's just me.

Though the saying goes: "Practice makes perfect!" So you should practice more to get the hang of things. Hope you do more pokemon. :)


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Its not Pokemon but i wanted to post it. Its a Chibi Batman, Enjoy
P.s Sorry for the size


Megaman/Pokemon fan!
sorry to say but yours look like disneys version of shaymin and mudkip(wow i never been so harsh, so sorry no really i am) (my art isnt any better so dont feel bad and yet im taking art classes to improve my art skills, try taking art classes)but i do like that you try the merge super heros with pokemon, good job and keep trying and take my avice(cant spell) [i hope i dont get in troble for being this harsh sorry if i am]