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Hand-drewn art

Kayote's Bane

What ARE you doing?
Hand-Drewn Pokemon Art

For me, classes in school are sometimes boring, or I just know it all. I can get done with a manga picture within one school period. So... since I'm nearly running out of ideas what to draw, I might as well start accepting requests so I'm not bored out of my mind.



1. It should be pokemon related, and not too complicated, like a lifelike character. I only do manga style ones.
2. If it isn't pokemon, post a picture of it.
3. I like doing characters.
4. Note that I say that I do this during school! It won't be finished until at least tomorrow!

Submission Form

1. Character
2. Pose (Be very specific!)
3. Looks (If it is your own made up character)
4. Backround color or style
5. What do you want me to use? (Color pencil, outlined, black and white, markers, watercolor?​

*Looks around quickly.*

That should be all. Good day!
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Fire , forever
2.hanging on a tree with the ball thing on the top
3.style a grassy feild
4.just color pencil
can you do it?


Made up character^^
Name: Donber
Looks: Short dark brown hair that goes to her chin,
Short sleeved shirt(purple)
Skirt (Purple)
Shoes pink
Pose: Her standing faceing forward, holding a little Eevee and Pichu in her arms^^
Colored in colored pencial, or it can be white and black, which evers easy for you.
Backround: a tree behind her, and grass with little eevees all around^^
Please? If, thats not too hard -^^-


Pokemon: Jolteon
Pose: Standing, determined
Drawing Style: Pencil-Colored
Other: She's pregnant.

Here's the sprite pic of her so you'll know what she should look like.


Fire , forever
pretty good


Kayote's Bane said:
request taken, yes, but READ THE FIRST POST!
REQUESTS CLOSED! I still have to study at school too!

I'm sorry, but I don't see that in the first post.

Are ya sure you said that it's closed in the first post?


So you can take another request? Well, if you can, please could you draw a picture of Dark Mousy?

1. Character: Dark Mousy
Here's a picture if you need one: http://j1978.diy.myrice.com/ntwall/dnangel_1024.jpg
If you need more, PM me.
2. Pose: Ouch... this is a hard part. How about some heroic stance, I'm so sorry, I'm really bad at this kind of stuff.
3. Looks: See character ^!
4. Backround color or style: Some sort of smooth blue and/or purple.
5. What do you want me to use: Colored pencil definetley, and could you possibly ink it if possible ^^?

Thank you so much! Take a whole year if you need to ^^!