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*Currently obsessed with Hank*

Well, here's a quick sketch of him...

I stink at drawing hands. Don't bother critisizing me on that...



*stares for about five minutes then glomps pic* I love it! The expression on his face is great, and the hand looks realistic. Very good! ^__^
...And yes, I can understand why you're obsessed with Hokage. x33


So hot he's on fire.
I hate what he did to my poor Brawly. DDDDDDDDD:

But I like the pic. :3 I just don't like Hokage. XD BUT THE PIC IS GOOD. :3


Ghost In The Shell
(no more spam from me...)
Anyway, the picture is very nice, but the cape doesn't line up *0.o* and he's missing a shadow. *also wierd* But it's a very nice picture!! Keep on goin'
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Chibi Pika

Stay positive
I understand the hand issues, I often have problems with 'em, so I usually just draw hands in pockets to avoid having to draw tham :p

*Cough* Aaanyways, not bad, not bad at all, but he looks a bit skinny, and sort of like his torso doesn't line up with his pants. You could easily fix that by just sketching a straight line from the pants to the overshirt. His chin looks a bit too pointed, but that may just be the way he looks, as I've never seen a pic of him before. I like the way you did the hair and the shading is nice. All in all, pretty darn good.

And Diamond-Pearl, seeing as your quotes are not from this thread, and aparrently not even real, take your spam elsewhere. ¬¬



Don't listen to me!
you're drawing is very good. for hands i suggest you use your own hand in the same position you want his hand in to see how it should be drawing...

Stop spamming commenting on spam is spamming in itself... if it's really rude use the report button that's at the top of every post... (it looks like a yeild sign)
(sorry for commenting on the spam... i will edit my post when the spam is over...)
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