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Happy 6th Birthday Serebii.net

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hooray, it's Jetx!
I only joined last month but I know I'll be on a long time... I go on this website whenever I have time and if I'm not on I'm usualy writing my fan fic. this website has been a great sucess and will stay that way along time! I advertised it to 3 of my school mates and they like it too *thinks about doing part 2 of fan fic because fans are waiting* oops gotta go ;D

OFF TOPIC: Why isn't celebi possesed anymore?


Gyarados Hunter
Ihaven't been here long, but I have to say Congratulations for a fellow Bournemouth lad for doing such a great job!


Matt the Drat
jetx said:
OFF TOPIC: Why isn't celebi possesed anymore?
It's a thing called Not Halloween Anymore. :p


pokemon/mew master
6 years wow! ;249-d;happy B day.

Final Flash

I've still got it.
I have been here on the forums for 2 months about,But the site Ive been on for about 5 or 6 months. Happy birthday serebii.net! Even though Im 2 months late.
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Well, congrats!
Serebii isn't new to me. I have been using it for a long time to help me, and all I'm saying is, thanks! For everything! You ROCK serebii!


Happy birthday to serebii.net, and congrats on an excellent 6 years Joe and every one that contributes to the site and I hope this site is around for another 100.

Wolf Goddess

~Lupo Di Autunno~
Isn't it about time this was closed? I mean, it's been what, two weeks?
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