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Happy 6th Birthday Serebii.net

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The magic of Pokemon
::guitar chord::

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Serebii.net!
Happy birthday to you!

Here's to 6 more years of gathering the latest (and greatest) Pokemon info!

Light Wolf

Holy Wolf of Light
Happy Birthday, SPP!!! I love the site, it's the best Pokémon site to me. The forums... are fine.
I knew this site when R/S where coming in Japan, I didn't understand too much English in that time like I do now, but I enjoyed it.

Pkmn trainer jeremy


Is it the fourms birthday or the sites? gives a shadow lugia plushie to the fourms and the site.


? ? ? ??* ? ??* ? ? ? ?
WHOOHOO!!!!!!! *throws a birthday cake at Serebii, who gets p!$$ed and beats the crap out of me x_x*
Anyway, happy b-day, SPP!! ;251;
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Silver Ryu

~Aqua Dragon~
Wow, six years. That's a lot! ^^ I've known about this site for....well, I've been on the forums for almost two years, including the time on the old forums....well, I remember I found the site the day the Jirachi Wishmaker guide was put up. So I've been here for a while, and it's the best Pokemon site I've ever seen. This was the first forum I joined (and the only forum, not to mention the only site I've joined except Neopets) and my first real taste of the Internet. I've learned so much from this place, and I love it. So happy birthday SPP! ;251;*end corny rant*

Anyway, thanks for working so hard on this site for so long. I've never run a site before, but it can't be easy. Thanks a lot, Serebii. :D

Momoko Lover

Hop, Skip, Jump!!!
Wow, you started this site when you were 13? Now that's amazing. Happy B-day Serebii!!!
Wait, this means Joe is.........

*runs off to do calculations*

18....no..19 years old!

Anyways, happy birthday Serebii.


Happy birthday to you.....happy birthday to you....happy birthday dear Serebii.net....happy birthday to you!



Mind Trainer
I didn't know you made it when you were 13, impressive. I've been looking the main site for almost 2 years but only joined the forums in Aug 2004. Anyway, Happy Birthday Serebii.net

Spartan 117

Amazing, I never knew the story of how Serebii.net originated. (not that many knew) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEREBII.NET


Well-Known Member
Happy birthday! I can't believe I didn't know about it first grade. *Gives Rakario and Blazeken to the little pieces of data floating around the internet.*


I've been going to the main site since I was seven (2001). It has come a long away.


I've known SPP for about 2 years thanks to Google but only joined a few months ago. After being here, it has increased my PokeKnowledge by a lot. Happy sixth birthday SPP!! Thank you Serebii Joe for making this awesome site!! This is the bbest Pokemon site evar. *gives Serebii the 'Best Pokemon Site in the World' trophy* ;251;

-;257; Shadow Fire
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Well-Known Member
lol holy crapZ its teh birtdy lo lol !1

Seriously,this is realy awsome. Great site you have Joey Celebio.
Well Happy Birthdayz Ess Pee Pee!


I own the 5th gen
the place is that old.... interesting. Just curious, but does anyone have a screenshot of the site's layout when it was first starting out?


~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~
Serebii said:
Today (21st October) in 1999, when I was a 13 year old kid...a mere pup still wet behind the ears, I decided to begin this website

Now 6 years later, through eons of downtime and taking 5 years out of my social life, it is the #1 Unofficial Pokémon Fan Site on the web visitor wise (yes I know there are people who will disagree with me saying it content wise...bite me :p).

Just want to thank you all for helping make Serebii.net what it is today...without you lot, it would be nowhere

So thank you and Happy Birthday Serebii.net!

ah...the lucky 6...lol

Happy b-day serebii.net...i remember i came to the site...around when i was finishing gr. 7...and now i'm in gr.11...lol so over 3 years...

and i came to the forum 2 years ago..i think...lol

so i've had a great time...on both places...so happy b-day...to serebii.net
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