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Happy 6th Birthday Serebii.net

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one love
Happy birthday Serebii.net! Kudos to Joe for creating a successful site at such a young age.

And I made an ASCII cake!
   /\  /\  /\
 / ||||\/||||  \   HAPPY SIXTH
|`   ||||||   `|     BIRTHDAY
|\     ||     /|   SEREBII.NET!
| `~-.,__,.-~` |
|              |
\              /


Kill your heroes
Serebii said:
Today (21st October) in 1999, when I was a 13 year old kid...a mere pup still wet behind the ears, I decided to begin this website

Now 6 years later, through eons of downtime and taking 5 years out of my social life, it is the #1 Unofficial Pokémon Fan Site on the web visitor wise (yes I know there are people who will disagree with me saying it content wise...bite me :p).

Just want to thank you all for helping make Serebii.net what it is today...without you lot, it would be nowhere

So thank you and Happy Birthday Serebii.net!
WOW! You were younger than me...Congratulations!


Did it on 'em
Happy Birthday Serebii.net! Ok, 1999, let's see... I was in first grade then. I actually got my first pokemon game that Christmas :] ! Also, thanks to google for leting me find this site! I'm really glad Serebii started it!


Latila's future
Whoo.. six years. I can't belive it's been so long.. Well anyways, Happy Birthday Mr. Site! LOL.

~Wolf Queen


apocalypse please
Awesome. [/sarcasm]

Happy 6th birthday?


Queen of the Night
Indeed. Congrats on such a successful run. Happy 6th Birthday!

And must people really quote those insulting posts? They're disgusting enough without having to see them every second post.


Serebii? Serebii Joe? Serebii.net's birthday? Serebii Joe.net's birthday?
Ah...Happy birthday anyway...


Mush! Mush!
Wow. You started this when you were thirteen? If you can keep at it like that then I might be able to do the same...

Congratulations for a good 6 years.


Well-Known Member
Cool, I never realised that my birthday was on the same day as this site. Well done Joe, keep up the ace work and thanks for it all along the way.


♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥ said:
Happy b-day Serebii.Net/forums. I've been here for almost a year and six months and it's been great. Hopefully this will always be the best Pokemon site/forums for a long time to come ^_~

^^what she said^^

Sky Titan

Well, I just joined but I must say...Six years on this a fantastic site and I am going to stick around for a long while yet. Happy Birthday Serebii.net!
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