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Happy Birthday Serebii Joe!!!

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Lady Ariel

Event Collector
Happy birthday to Serebii, RaZoR LeAf, and Sushi. I hope you all have a good birthday.

Silent Conversation

Formerly SinnohChamp
Happy birthday to all three of you! Like Eon Master said, it does not feel like a full year has gone by since it was your previous birthday.

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
Happy Birthday.

Manafi's Dream

Happy Birthday Joe! :) Thank you for creating such a wonderful and helpful website!


Rikudou Master
Happy birthday, Joe! Hope you have a spectacular birthday.

Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not.
Happy birthday, Serebii Joe! Have a blast! ^_^


Who did this to me!
"Happy birthday to u.Happy birth-"
;222; Shut UP!!Its the middle of the night.
My point is Happy B-day, Mr.Joe Serebii

Armando Payne

Well-Known Member
And then the black dude with his left index finger chopped off kidnapped other black kids, and kept them in the showers to stand up indefinitely, so they could feel how he felt. Oh hai thar, didn't see you come in, a belated joyeaux anniversaires mieu, and fyi you share the same birthday as Jim Davies (Garfield), Phil Proctor (Pink Floyd), Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit) and Soulja Boy (Annoying **** who doesn't know a damn thing about Anime, and apparently according to him in his 'song' Anime he has holes on his dick, not something to brag about, you dumb bastard. I detest his oh so very much because now, we've got a better version of him, Mann, who is awesome because he's the man, kehehehe, that was quite funny even if I do say so myself.)
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