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Happy end of the world...maybe

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I saw the black hole machine thread and i dont think this is 100% the same.

This is here to discuss your thoughts on what might happen and if you want to say any last words incase the world does end.

The world may be ending 5:30 PM (that is AEST) today, that is when the machine will be turned on.
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Confused and Dazed
I saw it, too, and I think it's 100% bullshit.

But, in the unlikely case of the world ending, I'd probably run up to somebody by me, screaming, and punch them in the face. Or, I'd air a daytime television show called The Doomsday Hour featuring Jonathan Cornell, in which I discuss obscure nineteenth century novels with aged scholars in my smoking parlour.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
No, the world cannot end, I am not done yet. I still want to help loads of people, write a story, have a family etc, this world cannot end when I am not done with it yet.

And 5:30 when? Its 5:15pm in Australia now... Why, why do they need to do this? Especially if they there's a risk, why would they do this to millions? Why would they destroy God's creation?


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5:30 pm i updated the first post.


OMG, we were taking about this all day at school and our science teachers all said it WONT happen. but if it does, lol, I would prolly waist my last moments posting this and others.


not sure why i bothered coming into work today...if the world is gonna end in however many minutes, then all ive done on my last day on earth is make up a song about how i hate work so much and drink a glass of milk

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I was talking about this in the chat just now and Cynthia made a good point read:
(145:20:29 pm) «7%Fenix»0 I was reading the article earlier
(145:20:29 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 That technology can't possibly exist.
(145:20:30 pm) «7%Cynthia»0 it won't
(145:20:31 pm) «Willowstara» Its ridiculous, end my world because of some reason
(145:20:32 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 Its too advanced.
(145:20:33 pm) «7%Fenix»0 it's not like that
(145:20:37 pm) «7%Cynthia»0 people are being stupid
(145:20:38 pm) «Willowstara» Cynthia- It won't?
(145:20:42 pm) «7%Cynthia»0 no
(145:20:45 pm) «7%Fenix»0 it can't end the world
(145:20:54 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 I heard about this a long time ago
(145:20:59 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 and I mean...LONG time ago
(145:21:01 pm) «7%Cynthia»0 even if the machine works the black hole will be too small to sustain itself
(145:21:04 pm) «Willowstara» Thanks, you are right, I knew there was a reason why I came here
(145:21:08 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 True I read that.
(145:21:16 pm) «7%Cynthia»0 even IF it tore containment apart it would implode and do nothing
(145:21:18 pm) «Willowstara» Oh, so the media's overreacting?
(145:21:26 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 Willow
(145:21:28 pm) «Andrew»0 so julia is 19...?
(145:21:29 pm) «7%Cynthia»0 yes
(145:21:31 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 The Media ALWAYS overracts.
(145:21:32 pm) «7%Cynthia»0 fear sells

So I agree now, I don't think its going to end.


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The machine has been turned on!!!
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Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
lol, its 5:30

Well, back on topic, if the world were to end, it'd depend on the definition of 'end of the world'. If it is a physical destruction (i.e. Earth is disintegrated somehow), then I guess I can't think anything, can I? If it's an infrastructural destruction (i.e. society collapses and dystopia settles), then I'll keep a diary of all events just in case something reverting happens and I can publish it like the 'Diary of Anne Frank'.


Screaming Narwhal
We're not going to die...

They're not performing the full experiment today anyways. They're just testing it first with a beam in place. They're not smashing the...whatever today. (My mind is kinda blank at the moment)


<- It was THIS big!
Even if it will (when the do the experiment next month), it won't matter because the whole Earth will be destroyed, including everyone on and around it. So you cant think 'that sucks, the worlds gone' because you will be dead. And you can't think 'awww, my family is dead' because you will be dead too, incapable of thought. And it won't matter if being spaghettified by a black hole is at all painful, because you will die before you can think 'ouch, that was an unpleasant experience'.

So stop panicking.


Screaming Narwhal
It's silly, they aren't even colliding anything today. -_-

Exactly... they're not doing it for a few weeks or a few months, I heard.

People are overreacting over nothing.


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Well that was quite exctiting lol, continue posting what u think may happen.


Flip me to the side!
Willow's Tara said:
(145:21:31 pm) «Richter_Belmont»0 The Media ALWAYS overracts.

Listen to <Richter Belmont>, a great vampire killer can't be wrong.

I don't think it's going to end, it would be hilarious to kill ourselves like that xP. Humiliating.


I heard that ages ago, the black hole thing is not happen today/tomorrow just the turn on of the machine, I think next week they attempt to destroy earth by smashing atoms, and they say the black holes are going to be too tiny and evaporate shortly.

fact: scientists are sadists.


Flabebe's Kids
Quit being worryworts, guys. The LHC isn't going to kill us, that's just media speculation, and the media also spawned Hanna Montana, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton, so what makes us think that they're right about the planet being sucked away?


super noob
I'll tell you what I'd do. I'd come on here and make random asinine post so people who come here can spend their final minutes extremely annoyed. Oh, and then I'd declare that, "I, woot21, had planned to destroy the world, but not like this. Not like this. My plan involved"... why the hell am I telling you people this, I still have time, maybe.

woot21 out dawgs
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