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Happy Thanksgiving to Americans

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Hey all

Just wishing all you Americans have a good thanksgiving even though Id ont celebrate or condone the celebration of it

Don't eat too much turkey and whatnot :p


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Thanks Joe. xD

Best three things about it:
1. Food.
2. No school. Wewt.
3. Giving?

I hope everyone else has a great Thanksgiving too. ;3


I ain't witty, so no
Ummm... What is thanksgiving? I have always wondered that. We don't have it here in australia.


Is Back!!! For now.
w00t to all those Thanksgivers in America XD. Only seen it on TV XD.
But we aussies always have some good ol' day offs such as us Victorians having Melbourne Cup day off. w00t! :D


Super Gamer
Thanksgiving is a day where you give thanks for what you have. It's the 2nd most important holiday of the year. I'm gonna be helping my mom make everything from the Turkey to the special recipe for stuffing and everything. We didnt do it last year - we went out to eat and it sucked.

I don't see how Thanksgiving is a bad day since we live in the 21st Century and not the 19th Century.



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My life is surely worse than your's. Do you live in a hotel and does your dad have a major drug problem - I don't think so....



Thank you, and I hope all you other Americans enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving too.

Final Flash

I've still got it.
Happy thanksgiving,All of the american people on the internet!


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Thanksgiving is also the reason why we Brits have turkey at Christmas, cos it follows on from Thanksgiving.

We use to eat Christmas Goose *licks lips*

Anywaz, Happy Thanksgiving I suppose.

Solid Kirby

Back, I guess.
Happy thanksgiving to everyone who happens to live in the same country as me. =P

Yeah, I'm a freak for being up at 3 AM. But It's a Five Day Weekend for us. So YAY! XD


Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you have a great day.

Oh, and what a coincedence. This just happens to be the 5000th post in this forum. :p


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I'm thankful for the fact that it snowed yesterday. :p

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans! ^^


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!I hope eveyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Yoru Ryu

Hey, how come we didn't get a "Happy Guy Fawkes night" or "Happy Bonfire night" but we get a Thanksgiving one? Or maybe we did... i dunno >_>

Happy Thanksgiving an' all that.


So hot he's on fire.

I get to eat all the stuffing in the house and get le fat. XD Mwee.



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i don't celebrate thanksgiving today cause i live in Ontario (Canada) but i'd like to wish all the americans a happy thanks giving!
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