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Happy Tree Friends


Shade of Blue
I have no idea if this thread's already made, but...

Anyway, for those of you who've lived in a box their entire lives, Happy Tree Friends is a gory animated series where cute cartoon characters are killed in sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing ways. To be honest, I like this show - it's a nice way of relieving stress sometimes xD

So, what are your opinions of it?
I LOVE Happy Tree Friends. I can't watch them for now cause my mom would kill me if I watched it on her PC, but none the less, I LOVE THEM!!!

Also, I already made this thread and it got closed
Sadism, which is what one needs to enjoy such a show, is not one of my many qualities. Masochism is, however, so I force myself to watch it.
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Back in MY day...
Though I'm not one to appreciate gore, blood, and excessive violence in awkward situations, I am fond of the series. What I've seen is funny. Sadly, however, I can only take so much. Now, Llama's with Hats is something that I can truly appreciate.