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Hardest Homework Assignments?

Probably my first thread ever on Misc. Anyway, what was the hardest homework assignment you've ever had?

Mine was when I had to write an essay about the most memorable thing in my life. My life is downright boring so I found it hard to write. Not much, I know, but I wanna see what you guys have!


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It wasn't technically difficult, but it was extremely time consuming and tedious so it made it pretty hard. Because I'm so wonderfully intelligent~ they let us do a GCSE early in Year 9, and it was in Media Studies. For a piece of coursework we had to research magazines and then create our own. There was so much shitty paperwork and notes you had to write, it took the whole fun out of it.

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Last year I had to write a Research Paper for English. My topic was "Music and it's effects on the Growing Body and Brain". It was a pretty fun topic, and I finished it in about a week.

I was the only person in my class to get an A.


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The Hardest HW assignment I got so far is to finish 2 chapters of Pre-Calculus on the IB level in 2 days. It took 17 pages front and back to finish it. I only got a C for it.
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My world history homework every night takes pretty darn long. I'm taking a more rigorous course than usual, so I could just be having a hard time adjusting. However, last night, the homework took more than an hour, and we were just explaining concepts in our textbook. Seventeen of them. It may not seem like a lot at first, but there are a ton of pages to read and I kept getting distracted by the pretty pictures, and I never used that textbook before so I didn't know how it was organized...
MY history project.. we had to make a film about if we were stuck on an island with limited resources how we would survive or anything in chemistry lol


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4 years ago, I had to write and illustrate a whole children's book about a made-up myth about the Greek Gods. I had to do this in two days.

It was then donated to a hospital for children to read. Somewhere in the world, a child is crying because they had to read it.
i usually like writing assignments. essays, short stories, etc. they may be time consuming but i find them way easier than building any diorama.

but, i gotta say my essay on 'To Kill A Mockingbird' for grade 10 english was hard. :S


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My hardest homework was using a program to build a chicken coop. With no knowledge of it.
It had to include drawings, labels and detailed diagrams.
After that I had to make a 1500 word report on why it was built like that.

All of that in a mere two weeks.
Had to pull three all nighters in the last days.


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when we had to write an essay about how our 1st day of 4th grade went. problem? it was exactly like yesterday. teachers are derps. :p


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Hmmmm i'm not in High School yet, so mine probably isn't as bad as all of your's, but my hardest was one night last week actually where I had an essay from every class, 4 paragraphs each, all due the next day.


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I dunno. I don't do my homework.. coz my homework is in the afternoon for college atm XD
Coz we have 4 hours of school time and the rest of the day to be our homework time, nya~
The project that caused me the most stress last year was my geography CPT. A CPT is basically a huge-a** project that we do in most high school courses. In this case, we had a choice between making some really long brochure about Canada with facts and such (some kids had 40+ pages) or a magazine article about an environmental issue. I opted for the magazine article, and I procrastinated until the last few days. I spent 2 very late nights writing a 7-page article on alternative energy and peak oil in 10 size font and it was laden with grammatical errors because I was just so damn tired and rushed, although it was worth it because I got 100%.


I had to take an 8" x 10" picture and remove all the JPEG from it. With paint. In two days. I wish I had kept it so I could show you guys.
I'm in high school. There are no hard assignments.

But the hardest of the easy assignments? Testing to see how long it would take for certain chemicals to kill a hydra. If only for the fact that I had to get someone to drive me thirty minutes to where the damn things were contained so I could feed them. It was ridiculously tedious.