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hardest legendary bird

Articuno, by far. I already knew exactly where to find Moltres and Zapdos (Moltres from the walkthrough I was using and Zapdos from my awesome memory), but I lost my walkthrough at some stage after beating the Elite Four and decided to catch Arty. Took me a hell of a while to find him, and then I was waiting FOREVER to capture him. He evaded every flippin' Ultra Ball I threw at him, even when he was on red health and asleep. Infuriating but... I got him in the end so it worked out.


A Greater Evil
Zapdos was the hardest


Well-Known Member
well, their weren't any "hard" to catch.
only moltres took me 4 ultra balls and zapdos and articuno just 2 :O


Charizard Champion
Don't know why but think Moltres was my hardest, just out of sheer random luck that he ddin't get captured arlier like the other 2.


Pokemon Master
Articuno is by far the hardest Zapdos is the Easyist i caught Zapdos with a great ball 4th try


Master Breeder
the birds are a bit hard but out of them three moltres game the hardest time event hough it had endure even at 1 hp it still would not get in the ball
the others basically gave themselves in compared to the time it took me to capture moltres


Pokemon Breeder
Zapdos. What I would do would get him down to like 1-10hp, get him to sleep with lax. Most of the time Lax died so it got very annoying. I still havent caught from mere frustration.


Active Member
Well either way, it cost me many, many Ultra Balls for each bird. Or so I think.


Yes, I'm still alive
articuno,and articuno is harder because of it's location


Active Member
Moltres was the most difficult. I catched Articuno in 5 times and Zapdos in 10 times.
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Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
My friend ad at least 96 Great Balls when we went to go get Moltres, and we still didn't get it. It was a real pain.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Articuno for sure! Includes getting lost in the cave! I had to chuck so many ultra balls, 48 iirc...


Sparkling Star
I think was Moltres or Zapdos, was a pain


New Member
I caught my legendary birds all with pokeballs...

It took about 70 each for Zapdos and Articuno, 30 for Moltres.
All caught with paralyze/sleep statuses and minimal health.

Moltres only took 1 reset, Zapdos was the hardest and had to reset 5+ times.


That's alot of pokeballs. I was in the airport and only had my master ball left so I caught my Moltres with that.