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hardest legendary bird


Back in Blue?
Zapdos was the hardest for me. I caught everyone in Great Balls except for Zapdos. I caught him in an Ultra Ball.


Zapdos. I still haven't caught it yet, it's that hard. On a sidenote, I caught Mewtwo with a Pokeball, and you have to admit, that's pretty tough.

Shiny Espeon0429

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Articuno hands down by an absolute mile.


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Zapdos was hardest for me, I wasted 3 Great Balls and 2 Ultra Balls trying to catch it!
Well Zapdos and Moltres took about 2 hours each. But copared to Latios that is nothing. Encountering was easy, but I ran him to minimum HP and to the point where he had to use struggle about 5 or 6 times and still couldnt catch him with 70 ultraballs and 10 timerballs.
I found Moltres the hardest, because Fire Spin was a big pain; it chips away at your health and I couldnt switch out... Also it just wouldnt stay in the 50+ Ultra balls I used!


Anti Chaos/Tyranid
i fonud them all quite easy but articuno took 4 DAYS NON STOP


converse + manga
They all like hated me! i think i wasted a hundred ultra balls on them :p

Tri hawk

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Moltres was the most difficult for me. It always killed my Venusaur, and my other Pokemon were too low-leveled to do any good.


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Articuno was the one I HATED because I would always go in the wrong entrance to Sea Foam Islands, there were always a million wild pokemon, and I almost never bought enough ultra balls so I would have to restart and buy more & do it all over again. Not to mention every time it used ice beam I would get frozen