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Hardest Pokemon to capture using a Poke Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball.


I'm going to go with a poke ball and mewtwo


I'm going to go with a poke ball and mewtwo

My friend caught a Mewtwo at full health with a pokeball. By accident. I was there.
But the hardest pokemon to catch with any ball are the beasts. Theier percentages are in the negatives, and that's under ideal conditions. Luckily, I saved my Master Ball for when I encountered my beast.

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
Zapdos.. Seriously I was trying to catch it for I don't know how many hours and then it began to struggle.... then fainted >.>


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I would say Mewtwo cause it has the lowest catch rate in the game I think. I usually capture legendary pokemon in regular Pokeballs


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If not articuno (which it was) then probs moltress. but definitly...
Articuno by far, was my hardest in fire red
but for me leaf green

Savanny Killersaurus

In Another Castle
I remember trying for MONTHS to capture Suicune on my Firered.
Even after paralyzing and getting it to the red, that stupid thing would break out on the first try and escape! >.<


Bum Eyes
Moltres, without a doubt. Took me multiple tries.

I got lucky catching Zapdos in my first few balls(wut), Articuno wasn't too bad and Mewtwo took just under 45 minutes of me slapping my balls into him.


Aside from the Legendary Beasts, I had a tough time catching a Larvitar. I would find so many of those things, but I could never catch one unless I weakened it, which I usually couldn't do since my Pokemon were too powerful for that. I finally got one after using a Marowak's False Swipe, but it still took several Ultra Balls to get the job done.


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Definitely the 3 birds. It was annoying.


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Latios/Latias for Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, 9 years have passed and I still haven't caught Latios. It's on 1hp and the Ultra ball shakes once and then it bursts open :(


Smash Trainer
The legendary dogs. As i chose Charmander most of the time, that would be Suicune. The legendary birds were hard to catch too, especially Moltres. I always saved my Master Ball for Mewtwo so he wasn't much of a problem. Oh yeah, and trying to catch an Onix with a pokéball always was a pain in the rear. >.<