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Hardest starter

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by bobri28, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. bobri28

    bobri28 Get your snacks

    What starter makes the game the hardest. like is piplup the starter that 'sets' the game to easy (i know it doesn't actually set the difficulty, but maybe it has more advantages or something) so what one is the hardest to do the game with?
  2. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    4th gen is easy with any starter you pick.
  3. jellsprout

    jellsprout Well-Known Member

    Piplup would be the most difficult. Not like it matters, as it is still ridiculously easy.
  4. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    Piplup in my opinion because it has a steel type after it evolves. Grotle and Monferno have fighting/ground that better in my opinion.
  5. ungulateman

    ungulateman Miltank Man!

    Umm, Piplup gets STAB Surf, Ice Beam, Grass Knot and stuidly good defensive typing.

    Turtwig gets STAB EQ and Wood Hammer, and terrible typing.

    Chimchar gets STAB Close Combat and Flamethrower, and OK typing.

    Really, none of them is significantly better than any other. GF did a good job balancing out the starters in the 4th gen.
  6. Atlidevil

    Atlidevil Game Hoarder

    Well i have only gone trough the game one with Turtwig but i think it could have been better with say Chimchar
  7. DaAuraWolf

    DaAuraWolf *grumble grumble*

    I feel the hardest starter is Chickorita.It`s first two gym challanges,The Leader`s type is strong against grass.
  8. Noctourniquet

    Noctourniquet ∆∆∆

    Chicorita hasn't really got very much going for it, given that Meganium is mainly a support Pokémon which doesn't work well in-game, and can't deal out very much damage outside of Sunny Day.
    I don't understand why people are saying Puplup... Empoleon is an absolute beast, both offensively and defensively. The number of types that it resists is silly, and it counters most of those that it doesn't resist.
  9. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    chikorita. why? in the johto gyms:

    vs 1st gym - weak
    vs 2nd gym - weak
    vs 3rd gym - neutral
    vs 4th gym - only gho/poi, weak/disadvantaged
    vs 5th gym - neutral
    vs 6th gym - disadvantaged
    vs 7th gym - weak
    vs 8th gym - disadvantaged.

    cant fight with that logic...
  10. cazatron

    cazatron Well-Known Member

    i'd say chicorita and charmander and to some extent mudkip
  11. Noctourniquet

    Noctourniquet ∆∆∆

    ^ Hmm... Swampert has amazing typing with only one weakness, and it good in most gyms.
  12. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    In Johto, I think we can all agree that Chikorita, in comparison to the others, is worth as much as the scum on the bottom of your refridgerator.

    In Sinnoh, I'd say that it's pretty balanced, though Chimchar is probably the best. You guys can duke it out between Pippy and Turty.
  13. cazatron

    cazatron Well-Known Member

    dude, clean your fridge more often XD
    but yea i totally agree sinnoh's a lot more balanced
  14. Lord Scalgon

    Lord Scalgon What title?

    1st gen: Charmander
    2nd gen: Chikorita (no contest)
    3rd gen: Torchic
    4th gen: I guess none. It's anything goes for this part.
  15. herculehastings

    herculehastings Active Member

    For some reason, I find Treecko really difficult to train in Emerald. It's meant to be smooth-going, but I find it faints at the most horrible moments. I didn't even manage to evolve my Grovyle to Sceptile before I grew absolutely sick of it.
  16. Katipunero

    Katipunero Eye in the Sky

    1st g:Charmander
    2nd g:Chikorita
    3rd g:Torchic
    4th g:turtwig?
  17. mrfatcat

    mrfatcat Ace Trainer

    1st Gen: Charmander
    2nd Gen: Chikorita
    3rd Gen: Torchic (As much as I love it)
    4th Gen: Turtwig (Though it isn't bad, just the worst out of the generation)
  18. yeminied

    yeminied Well-Known Member

    Gen I: Charmander in the beginning, Bulbasaur at the end. Charmander has no real advantage against the first lot of gym leaders but is an absolute kick *** Pokemon.

    Gen II: Although I've never played these games (for now), I'd have to say Chikorita as it doesn't really get any good offensive moves and has a disadvantage against the first two gyms.

    Gen III: Torchic. It is bad against the last three gyms. The three of them are fairly balanced but Torchic kinda loses out.

    Gen IV: None. All of these Pokemon are very balanced in all aspects IMO. There is no clear winner, or loser as the case may be.
  19. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    I say chikorita
  20. This is how it goes...
    Kanto - Bulbasaur: Easy, Squirtle: Medium, Charmander: Hard
    Johto - Cyndaquil: Easy, Totodile: Medium, Chikorita: Hard
    Hoenn - Mudkip: Easy, Torchic: Medium, Treeko: Hard
    Sinnoh - Turtwig: Easy, Piplup: Medium, Chimchar: Hard

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