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Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Aura Guardian Ash, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Aura Guardian Ash

    Aura Guardian Ash Aura Guardian

    A new shipping I hope will catch on if possible about Ash and basically every girl he has traveled with, Misty, May, Dawn and Iris. If you want to include others that is fine since it is a harem. So, if you can't decide which shipping you like or are tired of hearing about why this ship is better than another, why not become a haremshipper, where everyone can love the main protagonist of the Pokemon anime!
  2. paul (dragon master)

    paul (dragon master) Awesomely awesome

    I was wondering how long something like this would take to happen, lol.

    but then again there is always going to be a new female character every generation, so by time the anime comes to an end Ash would be like an ancient chinese emperor who had multiple wives during his rule, lol. :D
  3. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    I'm not sure how useful this is since we already have threads for each of the individual pairings. This would end up being all of those threads in one, which is pretty complicated, or, it will be about the possibility of this even happening, which it's not. There's not much to discuss, really, after that.
    I'll leave this open and see where it goes, but if this turns into a debate thread, or just a mash up of the individual pairing threads, I'm going to have to close it.
  4. paul (dragon master)

    paul (dragon master) Awesomely awesome

    Yeah i kind of have to agree with Encyclopika here. Aura Guardian Ash, i really don't see this thread taking off with other people, yeah i had my joke, but i think people like to ship a pair and not make it a harem. it is great you have an opinion but i doubt a lot of people will share it in anyway.
  5. Aura Guardian Ash

    Aura Guardian Ash Aura Guardian

    Thank you for at least giving this a shot and I will understand if you close this thread.

    Anyway, its true that people usually ship only one pairing, but i'm pretty sure there are those who would like to see harems get developed over one character. A way I thought of getting a discussion started in the thread is this: with every harem, each girl is different. Such as a tsundere, a hot and cold person, the smart one, etc. So whho do you think each of the girls are in Ash's harem?

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