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Harmony Request Shop


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Pictures: Just this one.
Size: 330 x 222
Color Scheme: N/A
Text: None
Etc: Can you place the bow with her name on it (Nagisa Furukawa) somewhere? o.o; If that makes any sense. That's why I didn't want any text. ^^; But just ask me on MSN if you don't understand. xD; /confusing

Picture/s: Nagisa
Size: 100 x 100
Color Scheme: N/A
Text: None

Thanks in advance!
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Path to power.
HEY :)
Could i have a glitter.
Font: Grafiti
Text: Crossel
Color: Dark red

If i requested something wrong pls tell me :)


true love
I come bearing an avatar request to you.

Picture/s: 001 - Play with it, I guess, like rotate or something, if you'd like.
Size: 95 x 95 pixels, hopefully also the limit of 19.5 kb.
Color Scheme: Orange-ish, or something similar to my current signature. I THINK. Prettyness.
Text: "Heil Eefi." I MEAN. "Waiting for you".

Thanks, soulmate. ;300; (don't mind that.)
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Danke! Gonna use right now, and credit in gpage. But thanks a bunch for it; it's beautiful.


CRAP. WTF. 22kb, exceeding Joe's restriction on custom avatars. Grah... but I still love it, thanks a bunch.
... ._. I even saved it on paint, thinking that it would be smaller... um I'll try to do something about it? Next time request a 94x94 avvie then.


i would like to try your banners. <3 they're gorgeous.

Pictures: x x x x x x
Size: 330 x 222
Color Scheme: shades of purple?
Text: x x x
Etc: can you put in some blood stains, give it a grungy yet a little soft look on it and place in a border? i'll appreciate it. < 3 have fun. ^_^


Bullet Punch
I would like a banner, please.

Pictures: //
Size: 400x117
Color Scheme: Brown/Grungy
Text: Samus
Etc: Can you put a 1px black outline around the whole banner?

Thank you.
are you the one making this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v664/DaysInDecember/scissorxbanner2287_2.jpg
can I get one
Pokemon: Dokurogu, Tropius, Electiwire, Marowak, Grumpig and Walrein!
Didnt he get a sugi form
Name: Brad from Viridian
Errr you would have to give me all the sugimori pics. BUT I'm not willing to do that banner.

PEOPLE STOP ASKING FOR A BANNER LIKE THAT! I WON'T DO IT! o_O; (or at least not now ._.; )



K-os - It's my first grungy banner so sorry if you don't like it. o.o;






it's the sexiest thing i ever seen in my life. o_o i credited you in my googlepage. :3


Banner request please.

A banner please
Pictures: Just this please
Size: Can you do 330 x 222?
Color Scheme: purple and pink.
Text: (on the top of the banner)Shoot, I dare you... (at the bottom of the banner) Misdreavus hair...
Etc: If you can, can you make the background a little more purple, and the lady a little more pink? If you can't thats totally fine.

Thank You.
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Requesting another banner! -shot-

Pictures: Just this one.
Size: 330 x 222 (everyone is stealing my size D: j/k @ those who used it)
Color Scheme: Nope
Text: Tsukimiya Ayu
Etc: Nope XP

Thanks a bunch in advance!