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Harmony Request Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Sweet May, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. skawt24

    skawt24 "insert pwn here"

    sweet may more like bitter may you stink :)

    I deleated the ether posts my competer is slow i didn't no i posted 3 time but I deleated the ether posts so BOOOO i'm telling every1 you suck!! :)
  2. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Good for you! :D Want a cookie? Btw you double posted again but that's the mods' decision on what to do with you.
  3. Burning Effigy

    Burning Effigy A Hollow Being

  4. Ryo

    Ryo o rly?

    Team Picture
    Trainer: [​IMG]
    Pokemon: Lucario, Charizard, Honchkrow, Blastoise, Electivire and Venusaur
    Background: The same one used in your first example- x

    Team Banners

    Trainer Image: The art for the Fire Red male trainer
    Pokémon: Lucario, Charizard, Honchkrow, Blastoise, Electivire and Venusaur
    Color Scheme: A silverish/light gray color scheme
    Text: Ryo (using this font)
    Etc: Could you make sure the pokemon boxes are titled, as opposed to just being in a straight, horizontal line?

    Thanks in advanced, Sweet May!
    Last edited: May 2, 2007
  5. BlazeShadow

    BlazeShadow Well-Known Member

  6. Virtual Chatot

    Virtual Chatot Circa 2006

    Thankies Alot Sweet May :D
  7. gabriel_nightz

    gabriel_nightz Beginning Trainer

    Team Pictures:

    My Pokemon : Torterra , Charizard, Smoochum , Houndoom , Teddiursa , and Wartortle

    My Trainer is : Cool Trainer .. I would like him to look this .. but better .. its kind of fuzzy .. [​IMG] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v286/gabriel_nightz/gabrielnightz28sr.jpg

    If you don't want to use that trainer , I want a trainer that looks happy , around the age of 18 .. Has white skin , and brown hair .. also is wearing white , green and brown clothes! Thanks much!
  8. Megchan

    Megchan God IS in Control

    I'm here to request # 7

    Hmm...Since there isn't really a form for this I'll just wing it. :p

    First things first, here is a picture of Shuu. I pray you haven't seen it before.

    Next, I would like to replace Budew with Roselia and Combee with Vespiquen.

    I hope I did it right. =^^=;;;
  9. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Mephistos, can't have more than 6 Pokémon. Have a nice life in banland.

    Ryo, you have to give me a color for the team pic. Don't link me to any examples. :\ Also what you do you mean by "...make sure the pokemon boxes are titled?"

    gabriel_nightz, no JPG. images. Plus you didn't follow the form so have fun in banland.

    Megchan - Aw I already have that pic but it's alright. I'll still update yours just because I said so. >:
  10. Burning Effigy

    Burning Effigy A Hollow Being

    I thought you could have a different pokemon by the trainer, but I was wrong. Thank you for your time.
  11. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

  12. Ryo

    Ryo o rly?

    Sorry, that was a typo on my part. I meant tilted.
    I mean, like the boxes with the pokemon in it- Could you line them up to where they're a little slanted [Like the light colored sig you just posted] as opposed to the boxes going in a straight, horizontal line in the sig.

    And for a color- Just a light gray/almost silver color would be fine.
  13. Simon pääjärvi/Poke-club

    Simon pääjärvi/Poke-club ****in' press...

    I want a team Picture
    Trainer:DP hero boy
    Pokemon:Empolion Infernoape Staraptor Dotaitos Lucario Rampardos
    I hope that was everything ;).
  14. Megchan

    Megchan God IS in Control

  15. The Doctor

    The Doctor Absolute Beginner

    I'm here to request #4.


    Picture/s: Here, but obviously sans Digimon card details. Just the picture of Gallantmon will do fine.
    Size: 100 x 100.
    Color Scheme: Hmm...difficult, very difficult. I want this to be angelic as he's an Exalted Knight, so if you can, impose the wings and his two weapons with ceramic white and an angelic glow; if that's unavailable then just a crimson flame scheme will do just fine. I trust you.
    Text: Paladin of Divinity. Font: Infiltrace

    Hope this was OK. And skawt24 this website has a strict policy when it comes to bashing. Don't be surprised if you find yourself with a pretty little infraction for insulting a member. I served as a guard in two of Sweet May's shops, so I'm used to dealing with punks who don't know when to shut up. Oh, and Simon; your signature has too many images. Might be an idea to get it cleared out, there can't be more than three in a sig. And you used the form incorrectly, BTW.
  16. scissorX

    scissorX Well-Known Member

    I'm here to request #6

    Trainer Image: http://www.arkeis.com/images/kouki.jpg
    Pokémon: http://www.pokebeach.com/images/gallery/sugimori/389.png, http://www.pokebeach.com/images/gallery/sugimori/65.png, http://www.pokebeach.com/images/gallery/sugimori/419.png, http://www.pokebeach.com/images/gallery/sugimori/448.png, http://www.pokebeach.com/images/gallery/sugimori/445.png.
    Color Scheme: Could I get it in silver and white.
    Text: Lucas from Sandgem
    Etc: Can I get Staraptor next to the trainer please http://www.pokebeach.com/images/gallery/sugimori/398.png, and only have 5 boxes with each of the Pokémon in like my Seth banner.

    Thanks in advance!
  17. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    I'm here to request #3; I'm here to request #6.

    Picture/s: YukuEmuAgu love. Focus on mainly Emuritto and Agunomu, or if the size does not permit... Emuritto then.
    Size: 340 x 171 pixels.
    Color Scheme: Pinkish, and maybe some bluish if Aguno-chan is included.
    Text: In this font, text to say... "And when I close my eyes, it's you I see" on one line and another line, "you're everything I know that makes me believe".
    Etc: Not really. If something goes wrong or doesn't look suiting or something, just tell me on MSN!

    Thanks, Cynnie. :D

    Trainer Image: Kari
    Pokémon: Dodaitosu/Carlos, Kurobatto/Miki, Pikachuu/Chelc, Buusutaa/Azar, Reoranto/Ryan, and Yukushii.
    Color Scheme: Pinkish with blue tints somewhere, or light purplish.
    Text: Kari Ridin' Dirty in Shin'ou.
    Etc: Not really, and don't have anyone to be next to the trainer either. ^^
    Last edited: May 15, 2007
  18. Mare Imbrium

    Mare Imbrium Sea of Rain

    I'm requesting a #6.

    Trainer Image: http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/9515/hikariex5.jpg
    The female, please.
    Pokémon: http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/3028/glaciaro1.png http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/9822/mumageis9.png http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/4449/fuwariderc2.png http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/7733/weavilelz2.png http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/3015/yukimenokorl1.png http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/2042/gengaryx8.png
    Color Scheme: Light blue and darker grays.
    Text: In gray: Mare Imbrium (underneath, smaller) Cold, dark, unfeeling Pokemon...
    Etc: Could you tilt the mini-banner the Pokemon are on like the one in your sig?

    Thank you!
  19. XBlaze

    XBlaze Mysterious Spriter

    May I please request a white-be-gone?



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