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Harmony Request Shop


I'd like to request #3
Pictures: Sugimori Articuno
Size: 640 by 180
Text: Ice pokemon Fan Club Font: Australian Sunrise, you can find it on Microsoft Word :p
Etc: Could you find a background that fits the theme?

Thanks in advance :D
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This shows you haven't read the rules, >>;;;
You've rboken Rule Number 10, which is probably of the most important.
Your request is wrong.
And as well
I said on the last page that SM already has 5 requests she needs to look at and that means you've requested another, >>;
That makes like,6/7 requests
She may roc out loud with this stuff, but she's NOT Super Woman!

The Doctor

Absolute Beginner
Wow...das ist die Pwnage, Frau Cinny.

You'll have to forgive me Cyn, I had my last ever German lesson today :p But yeah, it is awesome.


true love
I would like a Team Pictures: On like Muddy Mountain looking ground or just brown ground.
Pokemon : Smoochum , Torterra , Charizard , Zubat , Teddiursa , and Wartortle
Trainer sprite:
Get out of here. She's closed. Check the first post next time. :(

Er, just helping, Cyn? :p


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I'm here to request #3 and #4!

Cyn is letting me request, so...just letting her helpers know. :x

3. Banners
Size: 360 x 222
Text: Riley is Love
Etc: MAKE IT SEXY. Because this is a Riley banner we're talking about. ;)

4. Avatars
Pictures: Same image. XD
Size: 100 x 100
Text: The heart symbol, if that makes sense. It won't let me c/p it onto SPPf without turning into a question mark. D:

Thanks in advance. <3



Raito Light



Azeno, the brackets won't work on that font. Might want to change the text.

Chelc - is it sexy enough? :(



RandomPerson123, {fcc}stelth and gabriel_nightz, you're all banned from this shop.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
I'm here to request #6

Team Banner:
Trainer Image: D/P Champion (Cynthia)
Pokémon: Milotic, Gardevoir, Manaphy, Glaceon, Kingdra, Latias
Color Scheme: Black with some ice-blue
Text: Diane (in bigger font) Frosty Queen of the Northern Lights (under "Diane", must be in smaller font) (please use the color ice-blue and this font:http://www.dafont.com/hurricane-supadupas.font)
Etc: If you can, can you make the background theme like an "Aurora"/"Northern Lights", but it's ok if you can't.
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I'm here to request #6

This is going to sound really bad, but do you think you can put two teams on one banner? That would be so awesome of you to do!

6. Team Banners
Trainer Image: The "Cool Boy" from Pokemon Battle Revolution
1. Magmortar
2. Tangrowth
3. Shiny Luxray
4. Dodrio
5. Mamoswine
6. Slowking
1. Hippowdon
2. Magnezone
3. Glaceon
4. Drapion
5. Kingdra
6. Medicham
Color Scheme: Dark Red, Gold, Midnight Blue
Text: (Next to Team 1)Wi-Fi: Team Heat Wave, (Next to Team 2)Wi-Fi: Team Desert Ice
Etc: Just to make the banner as "WOW" as you can :D

Thank you SO much, I feel terrible requesting this, if you have any complaints,please feel free to PM me!


true love
I'm here to request #3.

Pictures: Ran-chan
Size: 310 x 148
Text: Puppy Love (and perhaps somewhere in smaller text, Ran-chan with a heart around it, maybe in those pixel/small fonts) in whatever font. Catholic SchoolGirls, perhaps, or whatever fits.
Etc: Just make sure it shows both Kame and his puppy! And make it pretty and sexy, lmao, somehow sexy too.

Thanks, and sorry. *scurries off from Shuu*
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