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Harry Potter, Pokemonized and revised!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Missingno. Master, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    It's BAAA-AAACK! Last time I attempted this, it was closed for plagerism. But not this time!

    Disclaimer; I neither own Pokemon nor Harry Potter. Believe me, if I did, Golduck would be able to learn Psychic through a TM, and Dumbledore would still be alive. The only thing I do own, though, is the term PokéMagus.

    Chapter one- The Boy Who Lived

    The Dursleys of Number Four, Privet Drive led as normal a life as possible. Vernon Dursley was a big beefy sort of man, who worked for Grunnings, a company that made drills. Petunia Dursley, Vernon's wife, was bony and thin. They had a chubby son named Dudley, and in their opinion there was no finer child in existence. But the Dursleys also had a secret, and their worst fear was that someone would discover it.

    One fine morning, Vernon Dursley put on his most boring grey suit, slipped his two Pokeballs into his pocket, and walked out of the door, towards his car. Then, he noticed sitting atop the fence, a Delcatty. It was as stiff as a statue. Heeding it no notice, as Delcatty rarely stay in one place for too long, Vernon got into his car and drove to work. For the next few hours, Vernon took phone calls, did paperwork, and shouted at several people for various reasons. After a particularly long and boring phone call, Vernon glanced out the window, and saw flocks of Hoothoot and Noctowl swooping and soaring and flying all across the sky.This perplexed Vernon, as they rarely were seen in their town of Little Whinging, even at night. He then got another phone call, and didn't think about the Hoothoot or Noctowl for a while. Then, he took a lunch break.

    For lunch, Vernon always went to the doughnut shop down the street. He then saw the Hoothoots and Noctowls populating the skies, and began to think about this. He then felt something bump into him, and looked down; He had accidentially knocked someone over. Vernon helped the stranger up, then saw what he was wearing; An emerald-green cloak. After taking in the man's bizarre appearance, he walked away, muttering "sorry". But the man replied to him in a high-pitched voice that sounded as though he was part-Cyndaquil.

    "Don't be sorry, sir, for You-Know-Who has gone at long last! Even Muggles such as yourself should be celebrating this most happy day!"

    And he ran off before Vernon could reply. Not that he would've, seeing as he was stunned at what had just happened. First of all, the man he knocked over was wearing a cloak. Second of all, his voice sounded like he had been breathing in helium his whole life. Third of all, the man had mentioned You-Know-Who. Vernon didn't know who. Fourth of all, he had called Vernon a Muggle- whatever that was. Vernon walked further on, and saw more people, all wearing cloaks like that old man. They were closely clustered and were all muttering excitedly.

    "The Potters, did you know..."
    "Yes, their son Harry..."

    Vernon froze. The Potters? Surely, they couldn't be referring to Petunia's sister Lily, and that horrible man she married, and - Ho-Oh forbid- their son??

    Vernon arrived home later to find that the Delcatty was still sitting upon the fence. This perplexed Vernon, as Delcatty were generally nomadic, and never stayed in the same place for too long.

    "Shoo!" he said. The Delcatty continued to stare at him. Vernon extracted a PokéBall from his pocket and said "Fine. If you won't shoo, I'll have to do this the hard way." And he threw the Pokeball in the air, which exploded open to reveal a big, bulky Pokemon that greatly resembled Vernon.

    "Hariyama, Arm Thrust!" At once, the Hariyama ran towards the Prim Pokemon, powerful arms outstretched. The Delcatty stayed motionless for a moment, then with incredible agility, leapt out of the way. Hariyama skidded to a halt just in time to avoid smashing up the fence. He wheeled around to face the Delcatty, who then lunged at Hariyama. Hariyama had little time to react before the Delcatty's Headbutt hit its mark. Delcatty then leapt back onto the fence, and opened its mouth wide. A small orb of light appeared in it. Before Vernon could say much more than "Hariyama, use Counte-", Delcatty fired off the Hyper Beam attack. As the attack met its mark, a plume of dust filled the area. The dust then cleared to reveal an unconscious Hariyama. Vernon grudgingly held out the Pokeball, returning Hariyama to it. He glared at the Delcatty, muttered something indistinctly to himself, and went in the house.

    Later that evening, after dinner, Vernon decided to talk to Petunia about what had happened on his lunch break.

    "Eh- Petunia?"
    "You haven't heard from your sister lately, have you?"
    Petunia froze. Usually she pretended to be an only child. Vernon could hardly blame her for this.
    "No. Why?"
    "Funny stuff today.... People were all dressed funny.... Owl Pokemon all over the place..." He didn't dare mention that he overheard something about the Potters. He loved Petunia too much to do this, as the slightest mention of them was enough to throw Petunia into a wild panic.
    "I was just wondering, you know, if it had anything to do with... her crowd."
    Petunia chose to ignore this. Vernon couldn't blame her. He'd do the same thing had he had Lily Potter as a sister. He then realized that Potter had to be a very common name. They could've been talking about any family of Potters in the world. And Harry was a common name as well. Vernon continued "Your sister's son- he'd be about Dudley's age, wouldn't he?"
    "I suppose so," said Petunia stiffly.
    "What was his name again?" asked Vernon in a convincingly casual tone. "Howard? Harold? Bob?"
    "Harry. Horribly cheap and common name, in my opinion."
    "Oh, yes," said Vernon, his heart sinking. "I quite agree."
    LAte at night, a man in a flowing purple robe appeared out of nowhere at the end of Privet Drive. He had flowing silver hair, and a matching beard. He strolled down the street, taking out of his pocket what looked like a silver cigarette lighter. He clicked it once, and all of Privet Drive's streetlights went out. The man then looked at the Delcatty sitting upon the Dursley's fence, and chuckled "Fancy seeing you here, Professor McGonagall." The Delcatty then turned into a human; an elderly woman in emerald-green robes.

    "Goodness, Dumbledore, how did you recognize me?"
    "My dear professor, I have never seen a Delcatty sit so stiffly."
    "You'd be stiff too if you'd been sitting on a fence all day."
    "All day? When you could've been celebrating? I must've passed at least three dozen parties and feasts on my way here."
    "Hmph. You'd think they'd show more regard for security. They're not even bothering to dress like Muggles! And all those Hoothoots and Noctowls... It's not as though they're common around here."
    Professor McGonagall then took a deep breath, and continued to talk to Dumbledore.

    "Albus, is it true?"
    "Is what true?"
    "Well, the word that's going around is You-Know-Who.."
    "My dear Professor, all this 'You-Know-Who' nonsense- for ages I've been trying to get people to call him by his proper name- Voldemort."
    Professor McGonagall winced, an action that went unnoticed by Dumbledore.
    "Well, Albus, the word that's going around is that the Potters are.... well.... dead."
    Dumbledore bowed his head. McGonagall gasped.
    "Oh, Albus! I didn't want to believe it... And you know what else they're saying? They're saying that after You-Know- Oh, fine- Voldemort killed Lily and James, they went for their son, Harry. And they say that he couldn't kill the boy! That somehow the curse rebounded on himself, causing him to vanish!"

    Dumbledore nodded, then spoke.
    "Yes, Harry survived the curse. Hagrid should be bringing him here now."
    "What for?"
    "To live with his last living relatives."
    "Albus! You surely don't mean these people?! I've been watching them all day, they're the worst sort of Muggles imaginable! They have this fat kid, I saw him kicking his mother and screaming for sweets! And that larger Muggle, he attacked me earlier with his Hariyama!"
    "Expected," said Dumbledore, "as battles do come with the territory when one is a PokéMagus."
    "Still," persisted McGonagall, "Harry Potter come and live here! He'll be a celebrity in our world, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ministry of Magic declared today Harry Potter day! Books will be written all about him!"
    "Exactly," said Dumbledore. "It is best that he lives away from all that until he is ready to take it all in. He'll be famous for something that he won't even remember! It'll be enough to inflate anyone's ego to breaking point! I have written the Dursleys a letter explaining all this-"
    At that moment, Dumbledore was cut off by a loud noise- a motorcycle engine. The source of the noise came flying out of the sky, and landed on the ground before Dumbledore and McGOnagall. Off the motorcycle climbed a giant of a man, at least eight feet tall with a big bushy beard covering most of his face. He held a bundle of blankets in his arms.

    "Hagrid," Dumbledore said, sounding relieved. "Where did you get that motorcycle?"

    "Borrowed it, Professor Dumbledore sir, from young Sirius Black."

    "And how is the boy?"

    "Fine. Little tyke fell asleep halfway 'cross the sea."

    Dumbledore took the bundle from Hagrid, and left it at the door of Number Four, Privet Drive, and tucket a letter beneath it. The little boy within fussed about in his sleep, pushing some blanket off him. McGonagall looked at him, and saw a lightning-bolt-shaped scar on his forehead.

    "Is that where-"
    "Yes," said Dumbledore. "He'll have that scar forever."
    "Couldn't you-"
    "No, and I wouldn't even if I could. Scars can come in handy sometimes."

    Hagrid remounted his motorcycle and flew off into the night. McGonagall disappeared into thin air. Dumbledore pulled the blankets over Harry and tucked him in snugly, then disappeared as McGonagall had. Harry had no idea that at the time, hundreds of people were raising their glasses to each other and saying "To Harry Potter, the boy who lived!"
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2006
  2. ~*Nobody*~

    ~*Nobody*~ samonsterX

    Oh how true! Anyway good start. I would like to see more! And I liked this the most:

    Isn't that true? She is the stiffest of them all!
  3. Shadow246

    Shadow246 FOR BRAWL!

    Hey, this is pretty good. I will continue reading this fic. The only thing I have to say is you should separate your paragraphs with one line. I think it'll be easier to read like that. Keep up the good work.

  4. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    And yet, you are STILL using direct quotations.


    You are using direct phrasing/qoutations from the actual story and that is plagiarism! If you are going to make it your own crossover story USE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL PHRASES.

    Why do you not comprehend that?

    EDIT: Actually, because of the disclaimer, it may not be literal plagiarism, however, what you are doing is still ridiculous. Don't copy lines word for word (Except change one to suit pokemon theme). That just shows laziness.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2006
  5. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    they say that taking a famous picture and changing it a tiny bit to make a pic of poor quality is half-art.

    what you have here is a half-fic.
  6. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    :/ like that guy that stole J.K Rowlings work, and only changed the names of the characters, and claimed it as his own?

    IceKing the only thing going for this fic is the fact of the Harry Potter characters, J.K made. I don't see why this thing was brought back anyways :/ and imho I have only seen one fic ever be alright with using some quotations from a book, and it was a fanfic of Howl's Moving Castle, the book and the movie.

    Meh this just seems like a horrid idea overall. Meshing Magic with Pokemon. :/ as what'll the myths be then? What'll Harry fight in the 'fourth book'. An Aerodactyl? ... Oh how scary :/ it'll make the movie version of the Hungarian Horntail seem spendid.

    I think tbh, Pokemon and the Potter`verse are two things that shouldn't be mixed. It's just ... two way too different things, and such like that, if you get my drift. That and well this just seems half arsed.

    >_> stop now before you have Harry Potter fans hating you or something.

    And anyways think about it. What are all the mythical beasts going to be. Unicorn's replaced by Rapidash? What about the Centaurs? And etc. I mean the magic world seems crowded enough without pokemon. And what'll the snitch be. Mew?
  7. Banov

    Banov Of the Kecleon

    You call this writing?! *Disgusted*

    I'm gonna go make a Harry Potter fic now too. I'm gonna re-write the entire first chapter word for word, but I'm gonna replace every animal and mystical being with..... hmm..... animated household objects. It's the exact same story, but it's much more interesting than YOUR lame copy because animated household objects are more original and rare than pokemon.
  8. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    First of all;

    1; I tried to change around the words as best as I could. I'm making an even better attempt to rework the second chapter.

    2; I can't say what the Hungarian Horntail is right now, but I assure you, it'll be a Dragon Pokemon, which will in that particular chapter, seem even scarier than it usually is.

    3; The next chapter should have little to no direct quotations. The closest there will be rewritten slightly to incorporate Pokemon.

    4; Like that Hariyama vs. Delcatty scene, there'll be plenty of scenes that weren't in the book, all of which will involve Pokemon.

    5; In the next chapter, we'll find out what Pokemon Harry has, what Pokemon Dudley has (he has 3), and Uncle Vernon's other Pokemon, as well as Petunia's only Pokemon.

    6; THere'll be a good battle in the next chapter, which should be up sometime today, after I've finished replacing and/or rewriting all direct quotes.
  9. The Smore

    The Smore Coral Eye Trainer

    Aww I like it :( stop making fun - atleast say something positive. Sure it's copied from Harry Potter. But I love Harry Potter and I love Pokemon. I've subscribed to this thread and I can't wait for the next chapter !

    P.S. Sure it's unamaginiteve (sp) but I can't think of anything for my fan fic so I don't give two hoot-hoots
  10. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    :/ how dramatic. So it'll either be a Charizard, a Salamence, a Dragonite, an Aerodactyl... or what. A Flygon? And how can it be scarier than normal? If it's some wild raging beast well, yeah, wouldn't all prevo's of them evolve into these raging beasts then? Wouldn't think they'd be legal as starters then >.>. Anyways, if you remember in the books, the reason the dragons were so challenging is they were resistant to magic. In this one blast of ice or water could OHKO them.

    So you sorta see why pokemon and HP don't mix? It limits what you can do.

    :/ what Harry has a Noctowl? I would assume since a pokemon costs money and etc, Harry wouldn't have one. Unless, ohnoes it was his parents! .. anyways I really wouldn't see Harry's uncle allowing him to have a pokemon. Or Dudley allowing him to keep it.

    Once more HP verse animals > pkmn. Because instead of having barn owls and etc, the wizards would have Meowths, Poliwags and HootHoots/Noctowls.

    In place of cats, toads and owls. :/

    So what are you giving Lord Voldermort, Arbok? Seviper? Gyarados? Dragonair? :/ oh and what'll you replace the basalisk with? I don't know any snake/serpintine pokemon in pkmn rumored to turn people to stone.

    Sooo... any that don't involve pokemon will be taken directly from the book? :/

    :/ why do I feel you seem to think pokemon battles will make everything better.
  11. The Smore

    The Smore Coral Eye Trainer

    For your last quote yami ryu - it shows that I'ts not all being taken from the book !

    And I'm guessing that Harry has a pokemon from his parents that he has hidden under the stairs.

    And I gave it 4 stars cause I enjoyed it. I don't normally rate fics before they're finished, but it's only on 2 stars and I think it needs a boost :)
  12. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    it's entirely possible to have a good Pokemon/Harry Potter crossover, but it has to be exceedingly clever.

    that's the thing about crossovers, they're all attempted by novice writers, but it's actually very hard to write a good one. Alot of factors are involved.

    1. How much of each fandom appears in the fic? is mostly from one fandom or the other, half-and-half maybe?

    2. who are you appealing to? HP fans or Pokemon fans? If only one of the fandoms are being featured, you might alienate potenial readers who are only familair with one of the fandoms involved.
  13. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    It sounds to me then that your basically opening up your copy of Philosopher's Stone and copying the chapter directly, but using your thesaurus to change the word.

    WRITE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL WORDS! What's so hard about that?

    There are numerous other problems with this as well, but PDL and Yami Ryu have covered that

    Great logic there, your a mighty fine genious. Like saying "Damn, your fic sucks, but mine does too, so it's ok!"
  14. Banov

    Banov Of the Kecleon

    Listen, to write, you're supposed to start from SCRATCH. No references or anything to copy- you have a blank page in front of you, and you begin writing. Copying something word-for-word then re-wording some things is BAD. BAAAAAAAAAAAAADDD!
  15. The Smore

    The Smore Coral Eye Trainer

    No I'm not saying that it's ok - but that I can't complain that there's not a lot of imagination cause I don't have too much. I would complain if I was the most wonderful writer with bucket loads of ideas I could complain but I'm not so I won't

    And my fic doesn't suck - I haven't even started it yet - cause I have no ideas.

    P.S I was gonna say you spelt genius wrong but that's insulting :)
  16. Ledian_X

    Ledian_X Don Ledianni

    Why did you have to repost this? It's the same story as before. You plagerized JK Rowling's work AGAIN!. This is the exact same story. Try creating something a bit more original and not ripping off someone's work. This is the second time you did this and I wouldn't be surprised if someone banned you shortly after this post.

    If you're going to make a Harry Potter/Pokemon fic DON'T COPY THE BOOK WORD FOR WORD. DON'T Change little things using a thesaurus or tossing in Pokemon.

    Sorry to be harsh but I tried to help the first time and you didn't listen. Now, you plagerized again. If this was in the real world, you'd be doing time with a cellmate named Bubba.

    Someone close this before I get really mad at this kid. This kid plagerized twice. He's far from original and now will probably be banned. I would say more but I don't want to repeat others.

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2006
  17. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    Well, I saw this type before. And once written one too, but I deleted that and no one saw it. If you want to rewrite something, look at it hard. Turn you head back and forth, to coin a phrase. The big thing is, DON'T COPY WORD FOR WORD!

    If you want to re-write something, fine. For instance, you might recall my fic, The Chocolate Factory. I didn't start out the way that Dahl or either of the movies wrote. I gave what I thought would be good. I gave my version, not just changing a couple of words here and there.

    If you want to rewrite Harry Potter, I ain't gonna stop ya. But please, just look at it once and do it in your own style, own words. Third time's a charm.
  18. Dias

    Dias Fenrir

    Plagiarism is illegal. Even with the disclaimer, a majority of this is directly copied from the book, and isn't your work. I'd advise you not to try anything like this again.
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